Bairnsdale firmer as cattle brought forward

Prices stay firm at Bairnsdale, with Gippsland restockers active


A quieter sale at Bairnsale saw Gippsland restockers active.

GOOD SALE: Kerri-Lee Whelan, with sons Riley and Archer, old 20 Angus steers, 327kg, for $1370, or 419c/kg.

GOOD SALE: Kerri-Lee Whelan, with sons Riley and Archer, old 20 Angus steers, 327kg, for $1370, or 419c/kg.

Prices were firmer at the Bairnsdale store cattle sale on a smaller yarding than a fortnight ago.

Meat & Livestock Australia reported about 1000 head were penned, 470 less than the last fortnightly sale.

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Restockers and feedlots compete for cattle at Bairnsdale

Good prices saw the area's farmers bringing forward cattle to sell, Nutrien Ag Solution's Brad Obst said.

"I thought it was a very good yarding, the prices are making it very attractive to bring cattle out early," Mr Obst said.

"There were a lot of grass fatteners from south and west Gippsland and an increased interest from locals, looking to source cattle.

"People have sold a few head and are looking to replace them, they aren't buying big numbers, but there are getting a bit more active."

The MLA said quality had declined, with fewer well-bred lines, with secondary lots featuring through the sale.

Feedlots were noticeably absent, but processor demand played a role in competition.

Gerard Ogilvie, Bill Wyndham, said Garrison and Gathercoles were prominent.

One Wodonga feedlotter failed to make inroads, as prices were too high for him.

"I thought the sale was firm, and some of the better lines of steers and heifers were good," Mr Ogilvie said.

"Most were in forward store order and have come through the season, exceptionally well."

The MLA reported prices remained firm, compared with the last sale, with some isolated pens significantly exceeding the averages.

Weaner steers topped at $1,500 for a pen of 15 Angus steers, 382kg, or 393c/kg.

The top of the yearling steers made $2,090 for eight Hereford steers, 550kg or 380c/kg.

Weaner heifers reached $1,400/head for 12 Euro cross females, 345kg or 406c/kg.

Yearling heifers fetched a top of $1,580 for two Euro-cross females, 397kg, or 398c/kg.

A limited selection of cows with calves at foot sold between $1,750 and $2,640/unit.

Peter Hopkins sold eight Hereford steers, 552kg, for $2090, or 378c/kg.

Gannon and Prince sold six Hereford steers, 365kg, for $1430, or 391c/kg.

Judith Treasure sold seven Angus/Black Baldy-cross steers, 343kg, for $1350, or 379c/kg.

J & K Joiner sold 10 Angus steers, 310kg, for $1290, or 416c/kg.

K & J Alexander, Walpa, sold 70 EU accredited, 10-month old Lawsons-blood steers.

The first pen of 20, averaging 288kg, sold for $1340, or 465c/kg, while 39 seconds, 273kg, went for $1230, or 450c/kg

The third pen of 14, 239kg, sold for $1120, or 468c/kg.

Kelly's Run, Bairnsdale, sold six unweighed Angus steers, six to eight months old, for $930.

Annette Hine sold five Limousin-cross steers, 422kg, for $1660, or 393c/kg.

Her six heifers, 347kg, sold for $1340, or 386c/kg.

Nungatta Station sold 10 steers, 360kg, for $1370, or 380c/kg.

Nungatta's 14 heifers, 372kg, sold for $1265, or 340c/kg.

O Herman sold three Angus-Charolais-cross steers, 450kg, for $1640, or 364c/kg.

A second pen of three, 435kg, sold for $1680, or 386c/kg, while a third pen of 18, 351kg, went for $1400, or 398c/kg.

O Herman's pen of two heifers, 423kg, sold for $1360, 321c/kg.

TD & MD Trewin sold 15 steers, 363kg, for $1430 or 393c/kg.

C Dungey sold four x four cows and calves for $2640, while Kerry Girvan sold 11x11 cows and calves, for $1750.

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