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Chew toys and chicken: Five ways to pamper your pet

Chew toys and chicken: Five ways to pamper your pet
Chew toys and chicken: Five ways to pamper your pet

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Our furry friends are what give our lives that extra bit of sparkle. They love us unconditionally.

Well, our dogs do. Our cats grace us with their presence, and we feel incredibly privileged for that opportunity.

Regardless of whether you're a cat, dog, or bird person, our pets aren't just our pets. They're our friends, our babies, and our little loves that we want to care for and protect.

So, whilst we all dote on our cuddly creatures basically every single day, it's still fun every now and then to give them a little extra pampering, just to remind them that they're number one in your life.

Read on for five of the ultimate ways to show your pets they're the absolute best.

Delicious delights

If there is one thing our pets love, it's food. From your puppy begging at your lap for just one small chomp of your toastie, or your cat meowing ferociously, demanding her dinner, it's clear to see that food makes our fluffy companion's world go round.

So, it's time to finally indulge them, give in to their puppy dog eyes, and tiny prying paws.

When you shop for treats at Pet Circle via Qantas shopping, you'll earn frequent flyer points when picking out selected items, so the incentive to pamper your pet has never been quite so tempting.

For your feline friend, opt for fish, chicken or liver tasting treats. Bonus points if they're shaped like a fish for extra fun.

Most dog owners know that just about every single canine will gobble up whatever is put in front of them, so ensuring that the snacks they're presented with are delicious is a priority. Delight them with flavours of beef, chicken, or pork.

Tough treats like pig ears are a particular favourite for the rambunctious young pup, ready to take on a chewy challenge.

But, if you want to go that extra mile to show your ball of fluff that you love them, why not bake them a special surprise, mash up some sweet potatoes, and mix in generous amounts of peanut butter, with a hint of maple syrup for a delightful doggy concoction?

A super special spa day

Our pets provide us with so much. Cuddles, companionship, and a small fluffy shoulder to cry on when days are a little rough.

So, with that in mind, it's time to show them how special they are with a couple's spa day, the couple being you and your furry friend, of course.

If you're the owner of a cute canine, then begin your spa day with a bath. Whilst they might be used to a quick, cold scrub to get the contents of the day's walk off of their fur, this special 'spa day' bath will be a little different.

Run some warm water, and gently massage their fur, and all their little joints, to really get them relaxed.

Use a high-quality shampoo and doggy conditioner to really protect their mighty coat. Ensure the shampoo you use doesn't irritate your animal's skin, as dogs in particular can be sensitive to a lot of cheaper shampoo ingredients.

Finally, finish off with a nice fluffy towel to rub them dry with.

For your feline, it's a similar process, although the bathing aspect is dependent on whether your cat likes the water or not.

Use this time to gently clip their nails, and give them a few extra special scratches to really show them you love them.

Chew toys and chicken: Five ways to pamper your pet
Chew toys and chicken: Five ways to pamper your pet

Spend some special quality time

Spending time with your animal may seem like a given, but with the daily hustle and bustle of life, you may realise that you've only really come in to feed them, give them a mandatory walk, one or two cuddles, and then put them straight to bed.

Our pets are a part of our family, and like you would dedicate special time to a family member or friend you hadn't seen properly in a while, spending that same quality time with your feline or canine companion is vital.

So, park yourself in front of the TV, get cosy on the couch and ready yourself for a day dedicated to them.

Whether that's by wearing them out at the park or cuddling with them on the couch, ensuring your furry friend feels loved is one of the most vital aspects of being a pet owner.

Pet playdates

This tip is a little more dog-centric, given they're such a social breed.

Chances are that your pup has run into other dogs excitedly during their daily trip to the park. Well now it's time to take that little joyous social interaction one step further and organise a primal playdate.

Whether it's with a pup you know they already love, or a friend's canine companion that you just know they're going to bond with, setting up a pet playdate is such a fun and fantastic idea for both pets and owners alike.

For extra love, mix in some of the other pampering tips like a plethora of dog treats, or some dedicated cuddle time to ensure that you come home with one very happy pooch.


This wouldn't be a pet pampering list without the mention of toys. This is something that both cats and dogs alike adore. For your kitty, an interactive toy is a dream come true to get their heart pumping in all the right ways.

They'll be beyond entertained (and entertaining!) for hours to come.

And as for dogs, it's time to upgrade those old chew toys, for something new to sink their teeth into.

Whilst we wouldn't recommend completely ridding your home of their old chewed up bits and bobs, as they're likely attached.

Adding in one or two fresh rings, and squeaky toys are likely to fill them with joy and keep them running for hours on end.

Our pets are our furry best friends, so every now and then showing them a little extra love to ensure they know that they're appreciated is really the least we can do.

So, grab them some treats and chew toys, or find them a warm corner to snuggle in, because it's time for them to have their day in the sun.