Casterton heavier heifers in demand

Light heifers made to 804c/g at Casterton


Demand was strong throughout the Casterton heifer penning with buyers carrying multiple orders.


Handy orders for breeding-type heifers in particular drove a strong price trend at the Casterton all breeds heifer weaner sale on Thursday.

Agents Nutrien and Elders penned 2398 cattle and the quality did not disappoint.

It was not a large crowd but those that attended had orders to fill and cattle went to a wide area including south-east SA, Central West and New England of NSW as well as strength from local and Western District buyers.

Most vendors reported prices were $400 to $500 above last year's sale which was a similar increase on the previous year.

Nutrien livestock manager, Rick Smith, Casterton, said it was much larger penning than the previous year with a capacity yarding penned.

He said the strong store market had dragged the cattle in rather than being sent for export.

He said the quality of the yarding reflected the breeding of cattle in the district.

The sale was solid from the start with Angus with a little bit of weight and potential to be future breeders, making 680 cents a kilogram to 720c/kg dictated by local interest and one good northern order.

Once off the breeding types values rested around 650c/kg to 680c/kg all the way through.

On the Herefords, breeder types made 660c/kg to 670c/kg and then 630c/kg to 640c/kg and light cattle made 670c/kg to 720c/kg with isolated sales topping 800c/kg.

Elders livestock manager, Sam Broomby, Casterton, said the current market meant people didn't hang onto smaller calves.

He said weights of heifers were not any heavier, but quality was better, with the heavy end suitable to join for an autumn calving.

Three or four buyers had multiple orders and that put a floor in the market, he said.

The sale kicked off with big lines of Angus heifers starting with the Nangana draft of a pen of 36 at 384kg making 692c/kg. Same vendor had 19 at 348kg that made 748c/kg and 33 at 333kg making 732c/kg.

Next was Ulonga heifers including a pen of 53 at 345kg that made 666c/kg and 35 at 322kg selling for 676c/kg.

Baroona sold 50 at 350kg that made 680c/kg.

A pen of 20 at 382kg account Forest View sold for 708c/kg. Same vendor had a light pen of 14 at 255kg making 720c/kg.

A line of 33 Angus/Simmental-cross heifers sold account Cam and Carol Emerson, Alva Downs, Coleraine, 328kg, sold for 698c/kg.

Manny Carlin, Butchers, Dunrobin, presented a pen of 10 Hereford heifers, 364kg, that sold for 660c/kg or $2402.

David Lyons, Melville Park, Vassy, sold a large draft of Hereford heifers with the best pen of 32 at 297kg, making 656c/kg, or $1948.

Major vendors, Bill and Kathy Lambert, Taronga, Paschendale, sold two pens alike of 43 Hereford heifers, 298kg for 658c/kg as well as 23 at 266kg that sold for 694c/kg.

Dale Sullivan Shallum, Strathdownie, sold this pen of 16 Herefords at 279kg for 672c/kg, or $1874 as well as two pens of light heifers with one pen comprising 28 at 229kg making 712c/kg and 12 at 195kg for 804c/kg.

Andrew and Lisa Cameron, Wyandra, Coleraine, sold two pens being one of 69 Angus heifers, 277kg, for 714c/kg, and a second run of 33 at 239kg, for 748c/kg.

The regular offering of Hereford and black baldy heifers account Glencairn sold too a top of 778c/kg for 10 at 202kg, while 36 Hereford/Angus-cross at 241kg made 754c/kg.

Twenty Angus heifers sold account Wando Ponds at 261kg made 734c/kg and a second line of 31 at 295kg made 714c/kg.


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