Quarterway Angus' first spring sale meets with success

Quarterway Angus' first spring sale meets with success


Quarterway Angus Tasmania has stepped-up from selling bulls directly to its first spring auction.


*30 of 31 two-year-old bulls sold to $16,000 (twice) av $9,700

TOP SELLER: Quarterway Quantum Leap was one of two bulls, which sold for $16,000, at the stud's inaugural spring sale.

TOP SELLER: Quarterway Quantum Leap was one of two bulls, which sold for $16,000, at the stud's inaugural spring sale.

Expanding to a spring bull sale has paid dividends for Tasmanian Angus stud, Quarterway.

In a near-total clearance at its inaugural sale of yearling and two-year-old bulls, the stud hit a top price of $16,000 twice.

"We sell quite a few bulls out of the paddock, so we just thought we would have a spring sale and give everyone an equal opportunity on them," stud co-principal Trevor Hall said.

"We have just tried to bring them up on oats and grass, so they are work-ready and not over or underdone."

He said the sale was held at Waterhouse as the Quarterway property at North Scottsdale, was too wet.

"Buyers want a bit of frame, good growthy bulls with sound structure.

"Everyone wants good feet and that's what we have been concentrating on."

He said it was one of the best winters the area had experienced in many years.

Lot 11, Quarterway Quince Q18, an April 2019-drop bull, was the first to sell for $16,000 to the Poulsen family of King Island and Tasmania.

Sired by Peake's Lad K638SV, he was out of Quarterway Lashonda L138.

Quince had TransTasman Angus Cattle Evaluation figures of a birth weight of 4 kilograms, a 200-day weight of 40kg, a 400-day weight of 73kg and a 600-day weight of 92kg.

He had an eye muscle area of 6.5 square centimetres, rib fat depth of -1.2, rump fat depth of -1.3 and intramuscular fat of 1.7 per cent.

Lot 19, Quarter-way Quantum Leap Q53, also sold for $16,000.

The April 2019-drop bull., also bought by the Poulsens, was sired by Wattletop Moonshine, M42SV, out of Quarterway Marybeth M165.

Quantum Leap's TACE figures were a 4.4 kg birthweight, 200-day weight of 46kg, 400-day weight of 84kg and 600-day weight of 106kg.

His EMA was -0.9, rump fat depth was -0.7 and IMF 1.7pc.

John Poulsen, whose family has properties on King Island and Tasmania, they'd moved from Queensland in the last few years and were looking to build their herd.

"It was mainly frame size we were after," Mr Poulsen said.

They relocated from St George, to "get a bit of reliable rainfall'.

"We are building our numbers, he was a quality bull, his temperament was good and he is structurally correct."

The bull would go to the Poulsen's Cape Portland property.

"We were volume buyers too, picking up six bulls."

Quarterway also sold 12 of 13 yearlings to $9000, av $6167 and a had a total clearance of 64 commercial heifers, av $1725.

Nutrien Ag Solutions stud stock manager Jock Gibson said bulls went right across northern Tasmania and onto King and Flinders Islands.

"I think buyers are looking for bulls with a bit of muscle, shape and performance," Mr Gibson said.

"The majority are regular buyers, they know Quarterway's cattle well and know they perform for them."


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