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Seeing red: Tag system ensures Tattykeel quality

THE FUTURE: Tattykeel Australian White stud has launched the Tattykeel Certified program, helping its loyal clients to market their selected stock as premium Australian Whites. Photos: Wild Colt Productions.

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For Graham Gilmore and family, the development of the Australian White breed has been a labour of love.

It has also taken plenty of blood, sweat and tears, as well as a big dose of faith from other producers relying on the success of the new breed.

Well, now that faith is being rewarded.

Tattykeel Australian White stud has recently launched its Tattykeel Certified program, helping those breeders who have supported the stud to market their commercial ewes as premium Australian Whites.

The Tattykeel Certified red tags are reserved for progeny from purebred Australian White ewes joined with Tattykeel rams.

Mr Gilmore said it was important the ewes were well-bred Australian White ewes to qualify for the program.

LADIES IN RED: The Tattykeel Certified red tag ensures buyers the sheep are from pure Australian White ewes and sired by a Tattykeel ram.

He said unfortunately there had been instances in the past where Australian White sheep had been sold claiming to be sired by Tattykeel rams when they were not.

There are also many people considering turning to the Australian White breed, but they are wanting some type of assurance that they are buying the real deal and getting quality genetics from the outset.

"So many people have been caught buying inferior Australian Whites," he said. "But you won't find any inferior sheep under the Tattykeel red tag. It means people can buy with confidence."

"Not every sheep sired by Tattykeel rams is red tagged - it is only the best of the best. It is proof of an elite Tattykeel-type sheep."

To qualify for the red tag, breeders need to apply to Tattykeel and supply photos and videos of their sheep. The red tags are supplied to the producer at no cost.

"It is an honesty system," he said. "We are trusting them."

And it is well worth the effort.

ASSURANCE: Breeders can buy with confidence, knowing sheep with the Tattykeel Certified red tag have been selected by the Gilmore family.

The first breeders to receive the red tag, Col and Rosemary Adler of West Wyalong, sold 12-month-old, scanned-in-lamb red tag Australian White ewes for $988 a head. A week later they sold ewes still running with the ram for a top of $994 a head.

Recently Jack Derrick Farming sold 215 Tattykeel Certified four-year-old, scanned-in-lamb ewes to a top of $845.

Mr Gilmore said Tattykeel Certified was the Gilmore family's way of giving back to loyal clients.

"They've been buying from us for years, having faith that the Australian white was the breed of the future. And now they are being rewarded," he said. "We're doing this to try and reward the clients who have stuck with us since the inception of the breed."

"We also welcome new breeders to the Tattykeel Certified program."

And with the impressive prices Australian Whites are making, Mr Gilmore said they were a worthy investment, especially with the breed's fertility capability.

PREMIUM: Some of the Graham Sinclair's 11-month-old Tattykeel Certified Australian White ewes at Temora.

"It is big money, but it's not ridiculous money, considering what you get on return," he said. "Being polyestrous, you are getting lambs all year round. And you are using the rams three times in two years. You are getting more use out of them."

The Tattykeel Australian White sale will take place at Branxton Park, Black Springs, on September 29, beginning at midday.

The sale will offer 150 maiden stud Australian White ewes, with approximately 100 in lamb to three of Tattykeel's best rams, including the NSW State Sheep Show champion, the impressive Tattykeel White Gold 200131.

The sale will also offer 250 rams, with around 210 flock rams and 30 to 40 stud rams going under the hammer. The flock rams will be between 11 and 13 months old.

The sale will be open cry, with Miles Pfitzner, SA, taking bids with Craig Pellow, QPL. The sale will also be interfaced with AuctionsPlus.

Mr Gilmore said the rams on offer had been reserved for the sale.

"They're the best rams we have of that age," he said.

"The quality of the stock just keeps on improving. We had 226 lots at last year's sale, while this year there will be around 400."

RED HOT: Tattykeel Certified red tags, which are supplied to the breeders at no cost.

All animals are registered through the Australian White Sheep Breeders Association (AWSBA), with all the flock rams carrying the AWSBA BLUE tag.

Tattykeel are offering free delivery to central locations in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia with Dick Smith Transport.

This article is branded content for Tattykeel Australian Whites.