Farm safety statistics tell a terrible tale of tragic events

One in five deaths in Victoria in the past year linked to farming


Statistics say the farming industry is one of the most dangerous occupations anyone can undertake



IF there's one statistic that sticks with you today, let it be this.

The farming industry accounts for nearly one in five workplace deaths in Victoria over the past 12 months, making it one of the most dangerous occupations anyone can do.

That alone is a sobering fact that should make every farmer rethink the safety practices currently implemented on their farm.

It's clear that we must lower this number; after all anything above zero workplace deaths is one too many.

But how do we do this? We need to influence the hearts and minds of the industry.

You may have seen WorkSafe Victoria's latest advertising campaign, 'It's never you, until it is', that intends to do just this.

It is designed to challenge any complacency around safety and deliver the message that safety is everyone's responsibility and accidents can happen to anyone.

I know at times when it feels like there's a million things to do on the farm safety can sometimes be an afterthought.

But that's where the VFF can help.

Our Farm Safety Team can offer free farm safety audits and OHS consultancies for all Victorian farmers made available through the Making our Farms Safer Project.

It can be an overwhelming task to ensure all the correct measures are in place.

But that's exactly where our team can step in and provide the expert, tailored assistance needed for you and your farm.

A lot of farmers are doing the right thing and for that I thank them.

The challenge is making sure as an industry we collectively work together to ensure reduce farm fatalities and trauma that's currently experienced.

I'd urge all farmers to get in touch with the VFF on 1300 882 833 to see how we can help you and ensure you and your loved ones come home safe from work every day.


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