Steers to $2110 at Benambra

Benambra cattle prices sees high prices and strong demand

Mountain Calf Sales News

Bidding fierce as prices remain high.


Benambra vendors reported prices were up hundreds of dollars a head compared to last year's sale, with many pens attracting fierce bidding.

The sale began with Doug Tomkins' pen of 17 steers, which sold for $2110 a head, while RG & AH Faithfull sold 40 for $2020.

AG & SM Pendergast sold 16 for $1990 and another pen of 28 for $1930.

CE & DG Anderson sold 12 for $1950 and a pen of 19 for $1890, and RK & SK Cornall sold 11 for $1960 and a pen of 43 for $1910.

RE & ME Pendergast, sold a pen of 12 for $1980 and 19 for $1900, while KW & JA Pendergast sold 15 for $1980 and 25 for $1920.

BR & Estate of LE Pendergast sold 21 for $1990 and another pen of 21 for $1890.

Elders national livestock manager Peter Homann said it was a very good result.

"I've never seen this many people at a sale up here," he said.

"The prices are so extreme and everyone is so pleased for the breeders up here, they've been through drought after drought and then they get the bushfire thrown in.

"Expectations were very high - it made expectations but they were very high to start with."

Ray and Max Pendergast sold 14 for $1910 and another six for $1820.

Beloka Pastoral sold 19 for $1870 and 20 for $1880.

BJ & JB Carroll sold 12 Charolais for $1750, while GC Cottrell sold a pen of 10 for $1830 and eight for $1340.

LH & SE Pendergast sold a pen of 18 for $1620, 25 for $1490 and 18 for $1340.

WA Pendergast and Sons sold a pen of 28 for $1770 and a pen of 17 for $1740.

Mr Homann said buyers came from a range of areas, including New South Wales, and there were no real volume buyers.

"There was a lot of people that bought say one or two loads of cattle - no one then bought four or five hundred like we've seen in the past," he said.

"There was a lot of families here just buying one load, maximum two loads."

He said while buyers had sold cattle themselves at high prices, people were still cautious of what prices may be in several months' time.

"Everyone's just a little bit cautious, they're very expensive and they want to buy cattle - they need to buy cattle - to replace the cattle they've sold, but they're all just going a little bit quietly," he said.

"We've never seen these prices before."

He said the quality of the Herefords in the sale was magnificent and European Union accredited cattle were in demand, although there was no noticeable premium.

"The premium hasn't been here today because everyone is just keen to buy the quality," he said.


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