Mortlake yards 4700 head with steers to 600c/kg

Mortlake cattle sale brings huge yarding

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Agents reported a strong sale with huge demand.


Agents reported an unbelievable result amid strong demand at the Mortlake store sale yesterday.

More than 4700 head were yarded, with steers reaching a top price of 600 cents per kilogram and heifers to 551c/kg.

Grown steers topped at 474c/kg or $2400 a head, while heavier steers made 420c/kg to 450c/kg.

Steers weighing up to 600kg were pushing 400c/kg while weaner steers sold for between 480c/kg and 530c/kg.

Western Victoria Livestock Exchange agent's association president Matt Baxter said it was a great result for the vendors.

"It was a good quality yarding with some bigger runs of calves this month," he said.

"They sold accordingly - it was very, very high demand, it was an unbelievable result really.

"We knew the job was going to be good, the job's been good everywhere, but I don't think we expected to see it that good."

Weaner steers weighing between 260kg to 300kg were met with very high demand, he said.

"They're making well into the 500c/kg to 550c/kg for well bred calves," he said.

"People could put good runs of black calves together, which is hard to do at saleyards these days."


Buyers came from South Australia, New South Wales and Gippsland, as well as local buyers.

"I think the local buyers have realised they've got to go the rate now if they want the cattle," he said.

He said vendors were keen to sell given the current market conditions, which helped contribute to the big yarding.

There was still plenty of grass around following an outstanding season.

"I think Mortlake has got a name now, it's got a reputation as a really good store sale and it pulls cattle from quite a large area and the vendors get rewarded," he said.

The best of the grown heifers sold very well and were not far off the steers, he said, making between 420c/kg and 450c/kg.

Weaner heifers made between 460c/kg and 500c/kg.

Cows and calves topped $3125 for a pen of Limousins and a pen of 52 by 53 cows and calves made just over $3000.

F1 steers made between 390c/kg and 420c/kg for those with a fair bit of weight.

Pregnancy tested in calf heifers topped at $2280.


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