Jews Harp Dorsets to $5100 as averages rocket

Jews Harp Dorsets to $5100 as averages rocket


The O'Sullivan's on-property saw Dorsets top at $5100, Borders at $2000 (five time)and White Suffolks at $1700.


*120 of 120 Jews Harp Poll Dorsets sold to $5100, av $1810

*10 of 10 Mission White Suffolk sold to $1700, av $1350

*40 of 40 Baynton Border Leicester sold to $2000 (five times), av $1592

The strength of lamb prices as well as first cross ewe prices were major factors in a huge jump in sale averages across three breeds at the O'Sullivan family's on-property sale.

Three studs - Jews Harp Poll Dorset stud, Mission White Suffolk stud and Baynton Border Leicester - offered a total of 170 rams with a total clearance achieved.

Strong competition saw top prices and averages, across the three breeds jump with the Borders being a standout lifting their average by $856 - more than double 2019.

The 2019 sale saw the Poll Dorsets sell to $1900 and average $1245, the White Suffolks to $1450 and average $1066 and the Border Leicesters to $950, average $736.

Michael O'Sullivan said this year's result was "really good, unbelievable really."

"It's a bit of a rebuild with a good season and people are keeping older ewes on and joining a few more to terminals," he said.

"The season is so good across so much of Victoria."

He said the season had been in their favour with good spring rains and the rams had grown well and "we were able to produce a good even line of rams".

"Overall, the rams were very consistent," he said.

Mr O'Sullivan said it was an average sized crowd because of COVID restrictions.

The competition was strong and with AuctionsPlus for the first time, the coverage was a key platform, he said.

Baynton Border Leicester principal Martin O'Sullivan said it was "a great time to be in Borders".

He said the strong lamb market and prices for first cross ewes were contributing factors.

The top price ram was sold via interface with AuctionsPlus to Leigh Hartwig, Ivadene Poll Dorset Stud, Greta, for $5100. The ram carried an eye muscle depth (EMD) figure of 3.2 millimetres, 18 for post weaning weight (PWWT), and 159 on the total carcase production (TCP) index.

Following this top price, three rams went for $2800 - one each to Bungeeltap, Glenope, Greg Bear Loddon Vale, and Anthony Barri, Heathcote.

Five Baynton Border Leicester rams sold for the top price of $2000. These were shared between Anthony Barri and Bungeeltap.

The second top price for the Border Leicesters was $1800. This ram was sold to Mark Walters, Elphinstone.

The top price Mission White Suffolk ram was sold to Peter White, Glenardagh Pastoral, East Sidonia, for $1700.

Three rams were sold for the second top price of $1500 to the Shanahan's from Kilmore and Peter and Helen Bennett from Mia Mia.

The 170 rams went to 39 buyers. Volume buyers were Bungeeltap, Glenardagh Pastoral, Brian and Elise Kelly, Kilmore, and Coliban Park, Elphinstone.


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