Yea's hot price run continues

Steers sell to nearly 670c/kg at Yea

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Yea reflects continuing price hike for young cattle.

STRONG SALE: Elders Jamie Quinlan says bullock fatteners and feedlotters kicked off another monthly sale at Yea.

STRONG SALE: Elders Jamie Quinlan says bullock fatteners and feedlotters kicked off another monthly sale at Yea.

Young steers topped at more than 600 cents/kilogram at Yea, continuing the run of red hot prices at Victoria's spring store cattle sales.

Agents yarded 1541 head of cattle.

Prices for lighter steers again climbed towards the high 500c/kg, with the sale-topping at 668c/kg, for a run of Sims Pastoral, Lockington, steers.

"The bullock fatteners and feedlotters got it off to a very, very strong start," Mr Quinlan said.

"It was just very strong, everything was as dear as everywhere else."

"You couldn't buy a steer, weighing under 300kg, for under 500c/kg," he said

Heifers also sold sold for between 460-520c/kg while those averaging 300-360kg went for 410-440c/kg. Females weighing between 400-500kg fetched 415-440c/kg

"Spring drop calves will go in excess of 400kg, as they are showing the signs of a good season," he said.

Spring drop calves will go in excess of 400kg, and they are showing the signs of a good season. - Jamie Quinlan, Elders

"They are in a really fresh condition."

Mr Quinlan said Lavington, NSW agents, Schubert Boers and Ray White, Albury, were among the insterstate bidders, while South Australian's Miller, Whan and Johns picked up cattle for the Ogilvie Group.

Andrew Allen, Rodwells, said the feeder job "was very strong," at a dearer sale.

"We had 50-100 millimetres of rain, in our area last week, so there is no sign of the grass fever easing, at the moment," Mr Allen said.

"I think the cattle are still there, people are reluctant to sell just yet, because they have got a lot of grass.

"Nobody has to sell, season wise, so they are happy to hang on to their cattle to put a bit more weight on them."

Chris Pollard, Nutrien Ag, said autumn drop calves were making over $1700.

"It was as a good a line up of buyers as you are going to get," Mr Pollard.

"I don't think they expected it to be as dear as it was, but again it was pretty blood strong.

"Cattle are in pretty good condition, people can't buy store cattle because they are all fat," he said

Steers up to 300kg sold from 500-600c/kg,those up to 400kg went for 450c/kg and heavier cattle were picked up for between 410-420c/kg.

"In some places the heifers made as much as their brothers," Mr Pollard said.

Hardwicks, Colonial Meats, Comdain, Gathercole and Garrison were also active.

"Russell Motton, out of the Gippsland area, bought a few," he said.

Sims Pastoral, Lockington, sold 15 Angus steers, Merridale and Phoenix Park-blood, 199kg, for $1330, or 668/kg. They were bought by Elders Alexandra.

Sims pen of 42 Angus heifers, 278kg, sold for $1330, or 585c/kg.

Campsie Glen sold 25 Campsie Glen-blood steers, 273kg, for $1580, or 578c/kg.

They also sold 31 Campsie Glen-blood heifers, 235kg, for $1280, or 544c/kg and another pen of 28, 316kg, for $1380, or 436c/kg.

Mindayara, Yellingbo, sold eight Dunoon-blood Angus heifers, 269kg, for $1245, or 462c/kg.

A second pen of two, 315kg, sold for $1220, or 387c/kg.

Clarendon Park's first pen of 15 Anvil Angus-blood steers, August-September 2019 drop, 455kg, sold for $1970, or 432c/kg. A second pen of 16, 413kg, sold for $1810 or 438c/kg, while the 12 thirds, 409kg, also sold for $1810, or 442c/kg.

Scanlon Angus stud sold 11 Alpine Angus-blood steers, 299kg, for $1590, or 653c/kg.

The Buscaca Family Trust, Yarck, sold 16 Violet Hills, Rosedale and Anvil-blood steers, 468kg, for $1980, or 423c/kg. A second pen of seven, 441kg, sold for $1900, or 430c/kg, while a third pen, 404kg, went for $1750, or 433c/kg.

Busaca's pen of 16 heifers, 448kg, sold for $1880, or 419c/kg.

M&S Wright, Woodlands, sold 16 Larradel- blood Angus steers, 498kg, for $2120, or 425c/kg.

C Winnnell sold 11 Speckle Park steers, 399kg, for $1750, or 388c/kg.

AM Dobson and sons sold 15 Connamra-blood steers, 467kg, for $2010, or 430c/kg.

L&M McNamara sold 10 Kelly-blood Angus heifers, 221kg, for $1000 or 452c/kg.

Villa Brae Pastoral, Creightons Creek, sold 29 Angus steers, 338kg, for $1750, or 517c/kg.

J Dowzer, Brigadoon, sold five Paringa-blood Angus steers, 276kg, for $1460, or 528c/kg.

Sichlau Pastoral sold six Murrinstone Black Simmental-blood heifers, 298kg, for $1250, or 419c/kg.

Two Hills Partnership sold 10 Angus steers, 323kg, for $1590, or 492c/kg.

Falls View Farms sold nine Falls View-blood Charolais steers, 369kg, for $1610, or 436c/kg.

Chartwell Farms, Romsey, sold 14 Banquet-blood Angus heifers, 429kg, for $1880, or 438c/kg.

L&P Vearing, Glen Goulburn Poll Herefords sold 13x13 cows and calves, CAF, redpastured to a Glen Goulburn Poll Hereford bull, for $3200.

T&S Holman, Limestone, sold 11x11 Angus third and fourth calvers, with CAF, for $2880.

Ian Fox sold six x six Blonde D'Aquitaine cows and calves for $3150.

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