Light Powranna steers to 598c/kg

Powranna store sale 'red hot'

SELLERS: Andrew Miller and father Robert sold this pen of 11 Angus steers, December drop, 261 kilograms, for $1340 or 513c/kg at Powranna Thursday.

SELLERS: Andrew Miller and father Robert sold this pen of 11 Angus steers, December drop, 261 kilograms, for $1340 or 513c/kg at Powranna Thursday.


Excellent lines of heifers highlighted the Powranna store cattle sale and drew strong competition.


A yarding of around 3320 cattle at Powranna, Tasmania, Thursday sold to strong demand from local and mainland buyers.

The combined yarding of Nutrien Ag (2316) and Elders (900) was 1300 higher than the previous month's sale.

Nutrien Ag livestock lead Tasmania, Drew Skinner, said the physical sale was, for the first time, interfaced online via AuctionsPlus.

He said the online platform added to the bidding on many lots and a truck load was purchased online for the north-east of Victoria.

Mainland support was also supplied by locally-based buying agents, who made some purchases as well.

Mr Skinner said the strength of the local support, mainly for the north west and north east of Tasmania, was generally too strong for the mainland buyers.

He said prices were as much as $150 a head higher than the August sale as producers sought cattle to feed off pastures.

Elders livestock agent Greg Harris, said the sale was 'red hot'.

He said the good lines of heifers sold particularly well with buyers "going really hard" on those lines.

The penning of 1307 steers selling mainly from 420 cents a kilogram to 598c/kg or $1100 to $1790 a head, according to Meat & Livestock Australia's National Livestock Reporting Service.

The service reported that the best of a small offering of feeder steers weighing 400kg plus sold to a top of $1870 and averaged $1692 or 357c/kg.

The heavy yearling steers over 400kg made from $1500 to $1790, medium weights 330 to 400kg made from $1350 to $1680 or an average 415c/kg and lighter weights sold from $1000 to $1540 or 490c/kg.

The service reported that the best yearling heifers made from $1,500 to $1,810 with many being bought as breeders, medium $1,240 to $1,710 or 400c and lighter under 330kg sold from $950 to $1470 or 460c/kg.


M & M Partridge sold six steers, 458kg, for $1700 or 371c/kg.

Gibson Brothers sold 17 steers, 410kg for $1640 or 400c/kg.

Forest Lodge sold 14 steers, 405kg, for $17000, or 419c/kg.

St Peters Pass sold 22 steers, 280kg for $1420, or 507c/kg; and 18 at 265kg for $1400, or 528c/kg.

P Chirichiello, sold 14 steers, 344kg, for $1590 or 462c/kg.

DJ & VK Rice sold six steers, 400kg, for $1610, or 402c/kg; seven at 334kg for $1440 or 431c/kg.

Krauss & Molliner, sold 21 Murray Grey steers, 319kg for $1320 or 413c/kg.


Glenburn sold 14 heifers, 403kg, for $1810 or 444c/kg; and 12 heifers at 432kg for $1760 or 407c/kg.

Dennistoun sold 13 heifers, 400kg, for $1690 or 422c/kg; 15 at 406kg for $1630 or 404c/kg; and 15 at 368kg for $1590 or 432c/kg.

AM Campbell sold 18 heifers, 460kg, for $1670 or 363c/kg.

St Peters Pass sold 24 heifers, 259kg, for $1290, or 498c/kg.

Salmon Pastoral sold 21 heifers, 237kg, for $1170 or 493c/kg.

P Chirichiello, sold 8 heifers, 351kg for $1430 or 402c/kg.

Glenmlllton Pty Ltd, sold 9 heifers, 390kg, for $1570, or 402c/kg; 45 heifers at 321kg to 297kg for $1470; 60 at 283kg to 254kg for $1420; and 19 at 242kg for $1340 or 553c/kg.

DJ & VK Rice sold five heifers, 318kg, for $1350 or 424c/kg.

RW Walters & Sons sold seven Hereford heifers, 378kg, for $1530 or 404c/kg.

DG & PK Scott, sold eight heifers, 342kg for $1360, or 397c/kg.

Cows & calves:

Lohrey Farms sold four cows and calves for $2500; and four at $2450.

G Hazelwood sold 11 cows and calves for $2400.



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