Kedleston Park top at $5500, ave of $2338

Kedleston Park top at $5500, av $2338


More rams sold and similar average achieved at Kedleston Park ram sale.


*45 of 50 rams sold to $5500, av $2339

Buyers from across Victoria bid freely at the Kedleston Merino and Poll Merino stud's annual on-property sale at Calivil.

Of the 50 rams offered, 45 sold to a top of $5500 and averaged $2339.

"It was the best offering of poll rams we have put up to date," stud principal John Humbert said.

He said the rams received good competition right through to the final ram.

"The average of $2339 was just $39 below the 2019 sale, and we cleared more rams this year," he said.

Elders stud stock auctioneer, Ross Milne, said the sale was similar result to last year with buyers working within the Covid regulations.

He said it was a good spread of buyers from across the north-east, central and local areas.

"People in areas that have had a good spring for the first time in a while are looking to rebuild in terms of flock and ewe numbers and that's having a positive impact at ram sales," he said.

The top priced ram was lot six that sold for $5500 to return buyer, Rob Coutts, Ioness Poll Merino stud, Lake Bolac.

The April-drop ram was sired by TW Forbes 17063, and had figures of 17.6 micron, a coefficient of variation (CV) of 14.7 per cent, standard deviation (SD) of 2.6 and comfort factor of 99.9 per cent.

It also had figures for eye muscle depth (EMD) of 39 millimetres and fat depth of 9mm.

Buyer of the second top price at $5000 was Geoff Gellert, Gelton Merinos, Willaura.

He purchased lot 11, a May-drop ram with a 17.9 fleece, 3.7 SD, 20.4 CV, and CF of 99.7.

The ram had a clean fleece wight measurement of 133pc and EMD of 44mm.

The same purchaser also bought lot four for $4500.

The May-drop ram with "bold medium wool" had figures of 19.7 micron, 3.1 SD, C.V 15.6, SD 3.1 and CF of 99.1.

The ram had an EMD of 41mm, CFWT of 108pc and 7.5mm fat.

Volume buyers included GA & MW Haywood, who bought six rams to a top of $3750 and averaged $2500.

They paid up to $3750 for lot 8, a May drop ram with 18.1 micron fleece, CV of 15.3, SD of 2.8 and CF of 99.7. It had an EMD of 42mm.

Mr Humbert said the Haywoods would normally have bought at the Hamilton ram sale but had to purchase on-property this year.

Tourello Estate, Tourello near Ballarat, was another volume buyer paying up to $3250 and averaging $2100 across five rams.

The Tourello top priced ram was lot 20. This lot was a "fine/medium" wooled ram with figures of 18.4 micron, 15.9 CV, 2.9 SD and CF of 99.8pc.

A third stud operating at the sale was the Bennmann stud, represented by Adam Bennett, Everton Upper, who bought the final ram of the sale for $2000. The ram had figures of 20.8 micron, 17.5 CV, 3.6 SD and CF of 99.5.

Lot five sold for $4000 and was bought by R Vearing. It had figures of 17.5 micron, CV of 16.7, SD of 2.9 and CF of 99.8. The same buyer paid $4000 for lot 11, a May-drop ram with figures of 18 micron, 18.4 CV, 3.3 SD and CF of 99.1.

Another lot to make $4000 was lot 25 that was purchased by GJ & LJ Griffin. The ram was a May-drop with a 19.6 micron fleece, 16.6 CV, 3.3 SD and CF of 99.4. It also had a CFWT measurement of 111pc and fat of 5mm.

Regular buyers at Kedleston Park, Peter, Sharon and Matthew Hurse, Carisbrook, paid up to $$3500 for four rams and paid an average of $2562 a head. The top priced lot to the Hurses was lot 18 for a May-drop "medium wooled" ram. The ram had figures of 18.7 micron, CV of 16, SD of 3.0 and CF of 99.5pc. It had a CFW of 112pc.

The sale was conducted by Elders in conjunction with Nutrien Ag Solutions.


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