Powranna weaner steers top 500c/kg, heifers 414c

Powranna weaner steers top 500c/kg, heifers 414c


A strong sale at Powranna saw prices hold at similar rates to the previous month.


A strong result was achieved for 1350 cattle at the July store cattle sale at Powranna, Tasmania.

The sale, conducted by Nutrien Ag Solutions and Elders, was well attended with most strength coming from the north-west of the state.

Nutrien Ag Livestock representative Steven Faulkner said buyers were "getting in early" to put cattle away for grass finishing.

It had been a good season everywhere, but wet in the northwest. Some areas might need a good rain in August to keep the season going, he said.

Elders representative, Greg Harris, said it was a strong sale with light cattle selling above 500 cents a kilogram and the runs of heavier steers making 370 to 390c/kg.

The Meat & Livestock Australia National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) quoted best steer weaners making from $1400 to $1510, to average 410c, medium steers, 280

to 330kg, made from $1080 to $1310, averaging 400c, small types sold from $930 to $1230, averaging 460c/kg. A small number of lots under 200kg made from $810 to $1020. or 551c/kg.

The service reported that medium weight weaner heifers sold from $910 to $1250, averaging 365c, light types made from $800 to $1150, averaging 380c and small cattle made from $670 to $840.

The penning of medium weight yearling steers, 330 to 400kg, made from $1080 to $1500 to average 350c/kg with a top of 385c.

NLRS reported that tdhe best best yearling heifers made to $1440 while medium weights made from $1140 to $1380, at 355c.

Major vendor of the Elders yarding was Michael Green, The Glen, who sold 158 heifers selling to $1330 and averaging $1062 across the consignment. The majority of the heifers were October/November 2018 drop and scanned not in calf.

The top price was achieved for a pen of 12 weighing 360kg that made $1330 or 369c/kg. A pen of 12, at 330kg, sold for $1240 or 375c/kg. The light section of the consignment sold to $850 for cattle weighing around 254kg.

RA & CE Davey, Evandale, sold mixed sex Angus with the steer portion being topped with a pen of 16 at 387kg, making $1510 or 390c/kg. The heifer portion of the draft comprised a pen of eight that weighed 316kg and sold for $1210 or 383c/kg.

DB & RH Newitt, Sorell, sold five steers, 388kg that made $1420 or 366c/kg. They also sold two pens of heifers with six at 426kg making $1410 or 331c/kg and eight at 371kg making $1380 or 372c/kg.

RHE Banvale, Wesley Vale, sold 11 steers, 344kg, that made $1400 or 407c/kg and 13 heifers, 329kg, for $1250 or 380c/kg.

A pen of nine steers sold account CA Faulkner, Exton, 336kg, made $1430 or 425c/kg, while six at 342kg made $1440 or 421c/kg. The heifer portion sold is a pen of seven, 324kg, making $1200 or 370c/kg.

A pen of 26 lighter steers sold account G & B Stokes, Sorell, weighing 234kg, made $1100 or 470c/kg and 18 heifers, 227kg went for $900 or 396c/kg.

Lochaber, Avoca, sold 20 steers, 233kg, for $1090 or 467c/kg and 10 heifers, 218kg for $860 or 394c/kg.

A pen of 10 steers, 242kg, sold account Macquarie Hills, Longford, made $1070 or 442c/kg and 10 heifers that made $910.


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