Firm rates at Leongatha as steers sell to $2470

Firm rates at Leongatha as steers sell to $2470

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Agents drew for 3800 cattle.


A majority of the cattle sold at Leongatha on Friday headed north interstate in a sale dominated by feedlots.

Firm rates were reported across all classes of cattle despite a smaller gallery of buyers compared to the previous two sales.

South Gippsland agents said the buoyant prices were a result of better-bred cattle showing more condition and weight compared to the June markets.

About 3600 cattle were yarded for the fortnightly store sale, including 2500 steers and 1100 heifers.

Heavy cattle above 500 kilograms ranged between 390 and 410 cents a kilogram while cattle between 400-500kg made between 420-450c/kg on average.

Slight rises were reported in weaner cattle, with steers 220-300 kilograms selling from 450c/kg to well above 500c/kg.

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One of the dearest pens, sold by J Hilliar, made 570c/kg for a selection of 24 Angus steers, 219kg, which made $1250. The pen was bought by a fattener in West Gippsland.

SEJ Leongatha auctioneer Neil Park, who sold the pen, said most of the lighter cattle sold above expectations.

"The Hilliar calves are vendor-bred and people know how well they do," Mr Park said.

Most agents described the sale as firm on the previous sales with an estimated 70 per cent of the yarding sold destined for NSW, mainly for feedlotting.

Alex Scott & Staff auctioneer Rob Ould said bigger steers were "not as strong" as the last sale.

"The medium run of steers were very good and sought-after by feedlots and the bigger steers had a lot of weight in them so that probably just held them back a bit," Mr Ould said.

"Most heifers went to feedlots and unfortunately not back to the paddock and while restockers were trying, I don't think they were achieving."

Wet conditions in South Gippsland continue to be a driving factor for a lack of restocker activity.

Nethercote Trading, Traralgon, sold a run of 39 heavy Angus and Angus Simmental-cross steers which topped the market, selling to $2470 or 394c/kg for a pen of 12 weighing an average of 626kg.

Its second pen of 14 steers, 560kg, sold for $2200 or 392kg, while the third pen of 13 steers, 542kg, made $2160 or 397c/kg.

Selling agent Nutrien Leongatha auctioneer Brian McCormack said there was a big push for heavy cattle.

"Between 70-80 per cent of cattle sold here today will leave the district and head north or to feedlots and of the 2000 cattle we sold, not too many were bought by our vendors," Mr McCormack said.

He said the likes of commission buyer Duncan Brown, who was absent from the last store sale, put a floor in the market and "took up the slack".

Mr Brown was active, purchasing cattle for clients in NSW and southern Queensland.

Elders Leongatha and Korumburra auctioneer Rohan McRae said the sale was fully-firm to dear.

"It was an excellent yarding of cattle with plenty of weight and breeding," Mr McRae said.

"With the market where it is and South Gippsland being wet, that's encouraging clients to bring cattle forward to sell."

Stevron sold the first pen of the sale with nine Charolais steers, 590kg, for $2090 or 354c/kg. It also sold eight Angus steers, $2100 or 391c/kg.

TJ and LJ and C Smirl sold 14 Angus steers, 562kg, for $2140 or 391c/kg.

A and D Thomas sold 18 Angus steers, 539kg, for $2200 or 408c/kg.

S Bridger sold 12 Angus steers, 539kg, for $2190 or 408c/kg.

Fuller Downs sold 20 steers, 540kg, for $2140 or 396c/kg and a second pen of 11 steers, 470kg, for $1930 or 410c/kg.

Oldham Pastoral sold 16 steers, 389kg, for $1580 or 406c/kg.

HP and ME Stollery, Mirboo North, sold 15 steers, 552kg, for $2100 or 380c/kg.

DC Bates, Munro, sold 12 steers, 425kg, for $1770 or 416c/kg.

J Flint, Willung, sold eight steers, 511kg, for $2000 or 391c/kg.

MW Page, Sale, sold 12 steers, 500kg, for $2060 or 412c/kg and 21 steers, 471kg, for $2020 or 428c/kg.

Lang Lang Pastoral sold 15 steers, 483kg, for $2020 or 418c/kg.

Latrobe Park sold 21 steers, 292kg, for $1380 or 472c/kg.

Merlewood Angus, Mirboo North, sold 18 steers, 313kg, for $1390 or 444c/kg and a second pen, 286kg, for $1320 or 461c/kg.

Angels Run sold 16 steers, 257kg, for $1220 or 474c/kg.

Spring Valley Pastoral, Cowwarr, sold 11 steers, 352kg, for $1460 or 414c/kg.

NR and KD Hansford, Yinnar, sold 16 Hereford steers, 290kg, for $1360 or 468c/kg.

K Opray, Hedley, sold 13 steers, 479kg, for $1900 or 396c/kg.

B Cantwell, Stony Creek, sold 22 steers, 382kg, for $1570 or 410c/kg.

S McQueston, Kernot, sold 11 steers, 500kg, for $2070 or 414c/kg.

D and L White, Fernbank, sold 18 Angus steers, 355kg, for $1580 or 442c/kg.

In the heifers, Warranbine sold 17 Anguys heifers, 467kg, for $1800 or 385c/kg.

D and S King, Moe, sold 22 heifers, 298kg, for $1160 or 389c/kg.

R and K Telling, Sale, sold 26 heifers, 354kg, for $1400 or 395c/kg.

Oldham Pastoral Co, Archies Creek, sold 20 heifers, 373kg, for $1540 or 388c/kg.


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