Northern buyers swoop on Kyneton

As winter sets in, Kyneton vendors offload spring drop weaners

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HAPPY VENDORS: Michael AbramowskI, Glendene, and Anthony Battersby Holcombe Hill Farms, sold PTIC cows and heifers to Michelle Dicks representing Mingela Pastoral Company.

HAPPY VENDORS: Michael AbramowskI, Glendene, and Anthony Battersby Holcombe Hill Farms, sold PTIC cows and heifers to Michelle Dicks representing Mingela Pastoral Company.


High prices and good seasonal conditions drive Kyneton's monthly store sale.


Northern buyers were again active at Kyneton's monthly store sale, with cattle going as far away as Deniliquin, NSW.

Agents said high prices and favourable seasonal conditions saw vendors offload spring drop weaners.

Dean Coxon, Elders Kyneton, said 800 head of cattle were yarded.

Steers weighing around 400kilograms made up to 400c/kg.

Those weighing between 300-360kg made between $1200 to $1570, for the tops, while the lighter steers, 230-280kg, ranged in price between $1000 and $1200.

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"The sale was very strong and on-trend with last month," Mr Coxon said.

"There was no real feedlot order, as such; it was more driven by restockers and backgrounders."

Producers were turning off spring calves, opting not to have to feed them over winter.

"We are seeing a lot of cattle at 300kg, or better.

'We don't always get them at this time," Mr Coxon said.

"But the cattle have good weight, matched with a great season, and when producers are going to get $1000-$1500 for weaners, it's a 'no brainer'."

Agents said buyers came from the local area, Shepparton, Tatura, Euroa, Albury, Ballarat, Pakenham, Sunbury and Deniliquin (NSW).

Rodwells McGrath's Kieran McGrath said cattle again went north.

He said The Active Corporation, Glendene, sold 18 Pert Angus and Rennylea-blood third and fourth calvers, for between $2660 and $2700.

They are PTIC to Adameluca bulls, to calve in August/September

The draft was bought by Michelle Dicks, on behalf of the Mingela Pastoral Company, Drummond.

Holcombe Hill Farm sold rising two-year-old heifers for between $2240 and $2440.

"The breeding of the cattle is as good as anywhere, and people realise you have to have to have good genetics, to get good results," Mr McGrath said.

John Robson, Nutrien Ag Solutions, described the job as very solid, particularly on bids for the lighter weight calves.

He said the number of spring drop weaners offered was no surprise.

"I think the money is too good," Mr Robson said.

"Vendors were saying they could run them through to spring, but how much more money would they get?"

The Kyneton area was now very wet, he said.

KG and R Kelly, Myrtle Creek, sold nine Glendan Park Poll Hereford steers, 435kg, for $1660, or 381c/kg.

Kelly's second pen of 13 Weemalah blood steers, 400kg, sold for $1680, or 420c/kg.

P and A Grant, Kyneton, sold nine Lawson's blood Angus steers, 356kg, for $1570, or 441c/kg.

PC and MD Bruton, Little Hampton, sold 13 Adameluca blood Angus steers, spring '19 drop, 366kg, for $1570, or 428c/kg.

Bruton's 14 Adameluca blood Angus steers, spring '19 drop, 340kg, sold for $1450 or 426c/kg.

They were purchased by repeat buyer and strong Kyneton sales supporter John Dynan, Pyalong.

BJ and SJ Griffiths, Green Hill, sold 12 Beckenham blood Limousin/Angus-cross steers, 370kg, spring '19 drop, for $1550 or 418c/kg.

Griffths second pen of eight, 341kg, sold for $1390, or 407c/kg.

M Crump, Benloch, sold 12 Adamleuca blood Angus steers, 310kg, spring '19 drop, for $1370 or 441c/kg.

A second pen of 11, 294kg, sold for $1250, or 425c/kg.

P and P Parker sold 12 Angus cows with calves at foot, for $2700.

A second pen sold for $2475 and a third for $2050.

Sillar Ag sold 11 Lawson blood Angus and Angus-cross June/July drop steers, 385kg, for $1500, or 389c/kg.

Stan Nicholls sold 13 Hereford/Shorthorn-cross cows, with calves at foot, for $2225.

Anthony Battersby sold 9 Angus steers, 345kg, for $1450, or 420c/kg.

AM McCarthy also sold nine Angus weaner steers, 345kg, for $1450.

HG Barton sold 14 Angus weaner steers, 311kg, for $1430, or 459c/kg.

K and M McMaster sold 12 Angus weaner steers, 327kg, for $1410, or 440c/

In the heifers, Sillar Ag sold a pen of 11 Angus/Angus-cross females, 363kg, for $1280, or 352c/kg.

G Old sold four Angus/Charolais-cross heifers, 313kg, for $1210, or 386c/kg.

Theaden Pastoral, Pastoria, sold six Angus/Murray Grey heifers, 398kg, for $1520, or 398c/kg.

S Walsh, Trentham, sold five Barwidgee blood Angus heifers, 398kg, for $1500, or 376c/kg.

MJM Farms sold Angus/Black Baldy weaner heifers, 299kg, for $1230, or 411c/kg.

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