Claremont bulls fetch $8500

Claremont Angus records total bull clearance

BEST: Claremont Angus Lot 4 was one of two stud bulls that topped the sale at $8500.

BEST: Claremont Angus Lot 4 was one of two stud bulls that topped the sale at $8500.


Claremont Angus sold 49 bulls to record a 100 per cent clearance rate.


*49 of 49 bulls sold to $8500 twice, av $5275

A SOUTH-WEST Victorian Angus stud has recorded a 100 per cent clearance rate as the bull sale season kicked off across Victoria last week.

Claremont Angus sold 49 bulls to a top price of $8500, recording an average of $5275, more than $1000 compared to the previous sale.

Claremont Angus co-principals Graeme and Liz Glasgow, Woolsthorpe, said they were nervous ahead of the sale.

"We were so worried about the sale because so many people have reduced their females across the state," Mr Glasgow said.

"Although in the south-west no one had reduced their females because we've had such a good season.

"This little pocket in the south-west before Christmas was the only area that was good in the state."

Claremont Blacks P880 Lot 4 and P870 Lot 22 topped the sale, selling to Nadoo Pastoral, Hawkesdale, and return buyers Kevin and Judy Kent, Weerite, respectively.

"Our bulls presented a treat and we had a lot of comments on how well they looked and how impressed people were," Mr Glasgow said.

"We had about six bulls you could actually walk up to and pat in the paddock and they all behaved themselves on the day."

Buyers were mainly local to the south-west of the state but travelled as far as Horsham, Colac and the South Australian border to attend the sale.

Simon Arundell, Bungador, was the largest volume buying purchasing five bulls at the sale.

First time Claremont Angus buyers Elise and Walter Dell, Nadoo Pastoral, Hawkesdale, said the temperament of the bulls was the first point that stood out.

"The bull we bought had very good figures, low birth weight and good growth weight, he matched his figures by being well-grown and had good temperament," Mrs Dell said.

"We plan to join him on the first of May over about 25 Alpine Angus cows."

Charles Stewart Nash McVilly livestock auctioneer Clayton Horspole described the sale as a "wonderful result with strong competition" from local breeders.

"We had a great day and it's been a working progress over the last four years so to achieve $1000 on average more than last year and to have total clearance was a huge result for everyone involved," he said.


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