Big yarding for last 2019 Pakenham store sale

Big yarding for last 2019 Pakenham store sale


Agents yarded more than 3000 cattle at the final Pakenham store sale of the year.


A large yarding of cattle was presented at Pakenham for the final store sale of the year on Thursday.

Mild weather contributed to the large yarding of more than 3000 cattle as prices held firm on previous weeks, agents said.

A large consignment of cattle from the NSW Bega Valley helped boost store numbers as feedlotters and bullock fatteners fought for a slice of the action.

Elders Pakenham livestock agent Carlo Taranto was pleased with the sale.

"We had a good line of Euro cattle which we prompted heavily and had three or four people very keen to buy a number of them," he said.

"Those three or four people were all we needed because the cattle ranged from 340 cents a kilogram way up to 370c/kg and we were blown away by what they made."

The feature lines included Simmental, Charolais and Charolais/Red Angus autumn-drop calves which weighed between 250-310 kilograms.

"At the end of the day, the processors, the feedlotters and the professional people in the industry are jammed up with cattle but there are still plenty of people out there with grass who want to buy numbers and they're keeping the market buoyant," Mr Taranto said.

Demand for well-bred Angus steers ranging between 250-300kg was consistent with previous markets.

"Landmark International was here and put a floor in that job and then the well-bred cattle sold a touch dearer than last fortnight," Alex Scott & Staff Pakenham livestock manager David Setches said.

"We had steers 480kg make 330c/kg and that was actually bullock fatteners knocking off feedlots because [feedlots] were only bidding on cattle to a price."

Everitt, Seeley & Bennetts livestock auctioneer Jarrod Bennetts said competition for well-bred weaner steers was "exceptionally solid".

"It was a little bit cheaper on the lighter ends of the calves and the odds and sods but the heavy steers and the feed heifers we had sold very well," he said.

Landmark Pakenham livestock manager Andy Grant said some lines of cattle sold cheaper on a fortnight ago.

"That's because quality slipped a little bit hear today and probably made the sale look a little easier," he said.

"The heavier heifers went well because they're a shorter-term program and there was plenty of competition from feedlotters for those sorts of cattle at the 280c/kg mark for heifers 350-400kg.

"We had a lovely pen of Angus steer calves, 330-340kg by the Walsh family of Drouin, which made about $1100 and that was firm on last week."

BH and MD White, Dixons Creek, sold a top pen of 16 steers, 325kg, for $1215 or 373c/kg.

Yarrabee Park, Healesville, 16 steers, 350kg, for $1290 or 368c/kg.

S and I Missen, Gormandale, sold 18 steers, 359kg, for $1080 or 300c/kg.

MM and LS Walsh, Pakenham South, sold 14 steers, 338kg, for $1090 or 322c/kg.

C King, Trafalgar, sold 26 steers, 235kg, for $790 or 336c/kg.

A Schellekens, Neerim, sold 15 steers, 481kg, for $1575 or 327c/kg.

P Donat, Deniliquin, NSW, sold 18 steers, 272kg, for $800 or 294c/kg.

J and LN Tribuzi, The Gurdies, sold 20 steers, 390kg, for $1130 or 289c/kg.

In the heifers, HD Middleton, Trafalgar, sold 20 heifers, 418kg, for $1220 or 291c/kg.

Tibooburra Angus, Hoddles Creek, sold 24 heifers, 386kg, for $1090 or 282c/kg.

P Evans, Bass, sold 24 heifers, 370kg, for $940 or 254c/kg.

I and R Ripper, Stratford, sold 14 heifers, 340kg, for $940 or 276c/kg.

L Barrett, Trafalgar, sold 14 heifers, 340kg, for $910 or 267c/kg.

C Wilson, Seville, sold 12 heifers, 382kg, for $1080 or 282c/kg.

Noack Properties, Jindivick, sold nine heifers, 480kg, for $1170 or 243c/kg.


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