Export order puts floor in Euroa sale

Export order puts floor in Euroa sale


An export order plus strong local and regional competition drove the annual Euroa steer sale.


Steers at Euroa met good demand with heavier weights generally offsetting a slightly lower price trend.

The associated agents' annual grown and weaner steer sale attracted 2800 cattle.

Landmark Euroa branch manager Russell Mawson said it was "as good a yarding that we've had here for a long, long time".

"Given the season there was definitely more weight in the cattle across the board, and we were pleased to see that," he said.

"The top weaner calves were coming in around 335 cents a kilogram, but the weights could have been 30 to 50 kilograms heavier on the top cattle."

He said competition in the first two runs of weaner cattle was "vigorous".

The main strength in that section was from Landmark International for an export order.

"If they didn't buy the pen they certainly pushed them along," Mr Mawson said.

He said the season had improved in the past eight weeks but stock water levels were low.

"We've got the feed but we haven't got the water," he said.

"Some cattle were sold a month ago that couldn't be held, and the price per kilo was probably stronger, but the cattle here would be another 50kg heavier.

"It was a fantastic result overall, even the light cattle were very strong."

Mr Mawson said the heavier grown steers prices were in a range of 275-300c/kg, depending on the quality and number in the pen.

He said the heavy steers were impacted by the tightening of feedlot deliveries.

Landmark International put together a large draft of steers that generally fell into a range of 280-350kg and paying around 290-332c/kg.

Also active were buying orders from Wodonga, Wangaratta, Euroa, Mansfield and Yea, with strong support from Gippsland.

Pen one honours went to Marj King, Wellwood, Balmattum, with a pen of 13 Angus steers, 9-10 months-old, 421kg, that made $1350 a head, or 320c/kg.

The heavy end of a draft of 81 steers sold by J & F Wall and Sons, Gowangardie, sold for $1270, or 328c/kg for a pen of 28 weighing 387kg.

Twenty of the Wall steers, 348kg, sold for $1130 or 324c/kg and a pen of 24, 324kg, sold for $1060, or 327c/kg.

Regular vendor Leone Ryan, Pyalong, sold a draft that included a pen of 40, Merridale and Weemalah-blood, 8-9 months-old, 303kg, for $1000, or $330c/kg.

Later in the sale, a pen of 25 Ryan steers, 262kg, sold for $920 or 351c/kg.

G & P Rowe, Lurg, sold 23 steers, Alpine Angus-blood, for $1050, or 332c/kg and a second pen of 20 weighing 283kg, for $920 or 325c/kg.

A draft from R McGeehan & S Gall, Flowerdale, Euroa, included a pen of 33, 9-10 months-old, 351kg, that sold for $1155 or 329c/kg.

They also sold a pen of 24 at 380kg, for $1230 or 323c/kg, and 30 that weighed 317kg and sold for $1030 or 324c/kg.

Hansen Angus, Yea, forwarded a draft of Kilcoolin and Merridale-blood steers, 9-10 months, that sold to $1140 for 19 weighing 359kg, or 317c/kg.

The lighter brothers weighing 329kg sold for $1070 or 325c/kg.

Another 32 that weighed 329kg sold for $980.

A large consignment from Burnt Creek Angus, Locksley, came forward with 38, Connamara-blood, 327kg, selling for $1000.

The same vendor sold 18 lighter steers, 274kg, that made $940 or 343c/kg.

Robert Love, Violet Town, sold Banquet-blood steers to a top of $1130 for 20 weighing 352kg, or 321c/kg.

A pen of lighter steers at 323kg sold for $1040 or 321c/kg.

Allanvale Estate, Avenal, sold a pen of 51, Landfall-blood steers, 308kg, that made $975 or 316c/kg.

Another 48, 272kg, sold for $910 or 328c/kg.

R & H Curnow, Bonnie Doon, sold Riga-blood steers, with a pen of 27 weighing 269kg, making $900, or 334c/kg.

Of the grown steers, the top price was $1500 for a pen of 17, 496kg, sold by Summerlea, Upotipotpon.

They also sold 16 at $1330 and 18 at $1310.

Other lines included 15 from Highland Velvet, Kilmore, 522kg, that went for $1470, and a pen of 10 by L McMaster, Locksley, also made $1470 on weight of 519kg.


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