Some rain in a mixed bag on weather front

Some rain in a mixed bag on weather front


Some rain on horizon as another cold front approaches late Sunday.


A strong cold front developing late Sunday could deliver rain fall totals across the state of five to 10 milimetres according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

BoM senior forecaster, Michael Efron, said the front would continue into Monday and falls in the south west and north east could reach 20mm.

However falls in east Gippsland were expected to be only around 5mm, he said.

Mr Efron said the strong front was expected to deliver more snow down to low levels.

He said there were a "couple of grey days" coming before a warmer day on Thursday with a northerly wind.

A couple of showers should develop as another cold front crosses the state.

By Saturday it was likely to warmer and similar on Sunday.

Mr Efron said spring conditions brought changeable weather across south eastern Australia.

However the oceans to the south remained quite cold and that drove quite cold fronts across the state.


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