FAMILY BUSINESS: Father/Son duo Jack and Richard Holloway help their local community by not only preserving fresh rain water but also Aussie jobs.

FAMILY BUSINESS: Father/Son duo Jack and Richard Holloway help their local community by not only preserving fresh rain water but also Aussie jobs.

Family business protecting water security and Aussie jobs

Family business protecting water security and Aussie jobs


Specialised Tank Services help their local community by not only preserving every drop of fresh rain water but also Aussie jobs.


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Ask most country people and they'll tell you that our two most precious resources as a nation are water and Aussie jobs.

Since 1992, Specialised Tank Services (STS) have been protecting both. Not only do they help households and businesses of all types and sizes capture and preserve every drop - including many farmers - they also employ over 10 local Victorians each year and support Australian-made products.

An intergenerational family business, Ballarat locals Richard and Jenni, along with their sons Jack and William, have gained a reputation as a one-stop-shop for everything tank related, from new installations to servicing, cleaning and repairs, they do the lot.

"We have a commitment to providing exceptional customer service with a 'one-stop-shop' solution for projects," Jenni explained.

"We work in collaboration with the requirements of customers to find a quality solution that satisfies expectations."

STS had its humble beginnings in the early 90s when Richard - a licensed plumber with years of experience - recognised a need in the local market for somebody willing to service the water tank industry.

The community needed someone who could not only provide quality water storage solutions but who could also repair the tanks that were already in place.

Seeing an opportunity, he and Jenni embarked on the small business venture which would become their family's life's work.

It was around this time the couple sourced a local Ballarat company CE Bartlett P/L to supply them with quality tank liners. They soon became industry leaders in the rejuvenation of existing water tanks.

They began servicing more than just their local community. Before long STS were helping people in rural and regional Victoria, Melbourne metro and into New South Wales with their water storage issues.

Throughout their experience, they realised there was another shortfall in the market. We lacked a water tank for rural and domestic situations which was not only aesthetically pleasing but could also stand up to the harsh elements. One that wasn't prone to cracking or leaking, and which used the tank liner technology STS had been successfully using for years to repair tanks.

The couple undertook extensive research and in 1994 they became distributors for the Australian made Pioneer Water Tanks. (Twenty-five years on, they're master dealers and the tanks are still constructed from Aussie BlueScope Steel and other domestic components).

From here STS moved into commercial sized tank repairs and construction, which included the overseeing and project management of complete systems.

With the customers' needs in mind the natural progression for STS was to also move into the earthmoving side of tank installations. They were able to perform the site preparation and installation of the water tank as a complete package.

Today, STS specialises in the construction of new steel lined water tanks - in both the domestic and commercial sectors - as well as rejuvenation of existing concrete and steel tanks, including tank lining, tank roofing, wall re-panelling, inspections and cleaning. They also stock poly and aquaplate tanks.

STS have extensive experience in a range of sectors across Victoria and interstate. Their regular clients come from rural industries including dairy, poultry, aquaculture and general farming. Also from the commercial sector, fire-fighting, water authorities, waste-water management, local and state governments, inner-city high-rise buildings, tourism and the domestic sector.

"STS can offer a site inspection, propose a range of options, prepare the site, link other trades, provide project management, build the tank or repair the existing one, and maintain customer satisfaction resulting in a quality solution to their water storage needs," Jenni explained.

"Our friendly team is trained, certified, experienced and cares about the finished result for their customers and operate in an efficient and safe manner."

STS has invested in infrastructure, systems and equipment to assist with the required task.

They've recently expanded into the provision of quality Remotely Operated Vehicles for a range of water storage applications with tooling solutions for inspecting and cleaning water tanks.

High-resolution cameras, lights, surface control and surface video recording equipment are used, with clients supplied with photos, video and an inspection report as part of the inspection service.

"We have confidence in our people, products, systems and ability to provide a quality solution that meets the water storage needs of our customers," Jenni said.

"Don't miss collecting and storing a drop of rain for your use, contact the friendly customer service team at STS on 03 53346688 for a free quote, email them at, find them on Facebook, or visit the STS website at"

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