Warrnambool sees a 'true blue' store sale

The fat market pushes the Warrnambool store sale higher

GENUINE STORES: Feedlotters continued to chase heavier cattle, at one agent said was a "true blue" store sale, at Warrnambool, on Friday.

GENUINE STORES: Feedlotters continued to chase heavier cattle, at one agent said was a "true blue" store sale, at Warrnambool, on Friday.


Supply and demand kicks in, at Warrnambool.


Warrnambool agents say the market in the south-west continues to strengthen, with all steers with any weight making even money at 300cents/kilogram.

Anthony Mahony, agent for Brian O'Halloran & Co, said most steers weighing more than 300kg made between 310c/kg, to a top of 340c/kg.

Heifers sold in a range of 260c/kg to 286c/kg.

Agents said 1350 cattle were yarded.

In the open auction, bigger steers sold for between $790-$900, mid-range stock went for between $650-790 and lighter cattle sold for between $450-650.

Heifers ranged from $640-$770, for heavier cattle, with the mid-range making $550-$640 and smaller stock fetching $380-550.

"It was a very solid sale; the feedlotters were very strong on suitable cattle," Mr Mahoney said.

"I think it's a supply and demand issue, that's what it boils down to.

"You could say it was genuine store sale, stock was in store to forward store condition, and she was a true blue store sale."

Among the top lines of cattle were 22 Angus/Hereford-cross steers, offered by Bullaharre Park, 436kg, which sold for $1429, or 327c/kg.

A second pen of 21 head, 396kg, was sold for $1327, or 335c/kg.

Pope Bus Line sold 12 Angus steers, 348kg, for $1146, or 329c/kg.

D&G McGlade sold a pen of five Angus steers, 354kg, for $1079, or 304c/kg.

Among the Angus heifers, A&S Collins sold a pen of 20, 405kg, for $1158, or 285c/kg.

Fryers and Quick had a pen of 12 heifers, 361kg, which sold for $1003, or 277c/kg.

Mr Mahoney said apart from a buyer from South Australia, and one from Ballarat, most of the rest of the cattle went back to local farmers.

"The prices are going in a northward direction," Mr Mahoney said.

"It seems it's going to be fairly torrid, from here on in, for quite some time.

"Even the younger cattle, which had been battling a little bit in areas away from here, were very solid."

Jack Kelly, JJ Kelly Stock Agency, Warrnambool, said the fat market was driving store sales.

"It's the fat job that has really lifted, which is very, very good," Mr Kelly said.

"As the season is starting to look better, a few more producers are selling and looking to buy cattle back."

Among the top pens were Marandee, Woolsthorpe, who sold six Red Angus steers, 517kg, for $1627, or 315c/kg.

Rose Dale sold 10 Angus steers, 410kg, for $1370, or 334c/kg.

Woodford No. 2 made $1117, or 334c/kg, for a pen of 11 Wagyu/Angus-cross steers, averaging 335kg.

In the open auction, St Kitts sold 15 Angus/Black Baldy steers for $900.

In the heifer section, K Dyson offered a pen of Angus, 378kg, making $1066, or 282c/kg.

P&J McGuiness sold five Simmental heifers, 350kg, for $980, or 280c/kg.

Among the cows and calves, RJ and HA Hare sold six Poll Herefords, with six calves at foot, for $1500.

Josh McDonald, from Saffin Kerr Bowen Rodwells, agreed it was a solid sale, on a small yarding.

He said a large portion of the lighter cattle went to restockers, with a line of good, younger calves, making $900 at open auction.


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