Time to move forward with a Morrison government

Opinion: Time to move forward with a Morrison government


David Jochinke writes about the federal election result and what it means for agriculture in Australia.


Almost no one could have predicted the outcome of last weekend's federal election. Despite all of the opinion polls that signalled a clear win for Labor, the political truism that "every election is winnable" was once again evidenced by Scott Morrison's impressive election campaign.

I congratulate the Morrison and McCormack Coalition team along with the Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud for what many are calling a 'miracle' election win.

I look forward to working in partnership with the federal government to implement legislative and funding initiatives to grow the agricultural industry to the National Farmers' Federation goal of $1 billion by 2030.

In what could be a strong start to this next term in government, the Coalition has said they will ratify the Indonesian-Australian free trade agreement "as soon as possible". This is an important and prosperous trade relationship as Indonesia's national food consumption is projected to quadruple between 2009 and 2050.

To protect Australian agriculture from biosecurity threats, the Coalition has said they will implement all of the Craik Biosecurity Review recommendations, including the biosecurity imports levy, to invest an additional $313 million in the national biosecurity system and an additional $16 million for fruit fly management.

Farm businesses need certainty and trust in the water market. We must work together to deliver the Murray Darling Basin Plan, increase transparency of water trading and restore trust in the system.

Lastly, the Coalition has said they will introduce legislation to make it an offence to use the internet to disclose personal information to incite trespass on agricultural land, which would make the Aussie Farms website illegal and punishable by up to 12-months jail. I hope the Coalition will move swiftly to deliver on these promises.

- David Jochinke, VFF president


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