Solid result throughout for big yarding at Mortlake store sale

Solid result throughout for big yarding at Mortlake store sale


Some feature drafts of steers and heifers at Mortlake highlighted a solid sale result.


Grown steers sold to 323 cents a kilogram and weaner steers to 315c/kg at the Western Victorian Livestock Exchange Mortlake May store sale.

A large yarding of 4343 cattle were penned as three feature drafts benchmarked a well presented yarding.

Agents described the quality as generally excellent considering the season.

Competition was strong from South Australia, feedlots as well as a good portion of the sale that went back to local western district buyers.

The sale was quoted firm to dearer on lighter cattle.

Tops on a cents per kilogram basis in the grown steers was a draft of Angus steers sold account Langulac which made 323c/kg on two pens. The first was a pen of nine, 468kg, and the second a pen of 26 that weighed 395kg. Both pens went to Teys Charlton at $1512 a head and $1278 respectively.

Another pen of grown steers to make 323c/kg was a pen of 21 sold account MB and MJ Patterson, weighing 410kg, equivalent to $1324 a head.

Of the feature drafts Gilmour Quirk Partnership, Terang, forwarded 272 steers, September 18 drop, that sold to a top of $850 on two occasions.

The first was a line of 40 that went to a Charles Stewart and Co account, while another line of 39 went to Elders Naracoorte, SA.

Moyne Falls Partnership consigned almost 800 steers and heifers.

The tops of the September 2018 drop steers sold for $845 to HF Richardson and Co for 23. The majority of these steers sold between $740 and $450.

Of the Moyne Falls heifers the best was a line of 52 that went for $480. The balance sold between $460 and $420.

Chas and Cass Kimpton, Toora West, forwarded 206 Angus heifers, 18-20 months, Banquet and Toora West blood, 381kg, that sold to a top of 338c/kg, or $1287 a head for 72. The buyer was the same as the previous year, Wimmera Pastoral, Navarre.

The same buyer also bought a second pen of 37, weighing 411kg, for 331c/kg or $1360.

The balance of the Toora West heifers made between 260c/kg and 289c/kg.


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