Stronger interest for south feeder heifers

Stronger interest for south feeder heifers


Store pens across the south continue to attract interest from restockers

Well finished trade weight steers were in limited supply at Northern Victorian Livestock Exchange, Wodonga, this week.

Well finished trade weight steers were in limited supply at Northern Victorian Livestock Exchange, Wodonga, this week.

At Moss Vale there were 1350 head yarded for the prime cattle sale, an increase of 80 on the previous market with quality quoted as 'fair to good'.

The offering consisted of some outstanding lines of supplementary fed yearlings suitable for the trade, along with several pens of prime vealers and feeder steers with younger cattle suitable for restockers, according to the National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS).

Prime cattle sold to a dearer trend, with weaners firm but cows sold to a cheaper market with prices for heavy four score cows quoted as easier by 25c/kg and varied from 186c/kg to 210c/kg.

Processors were keen on the vealers with prices firm to 8c/kg dearer, while high yielding yearling steers suitable for the trade increased by 30c/kg and trading between 244c/kg and 342c/kg.

Yearling heifers weighing 330 to 400kg were also sought by processors with values lifting by 13c/kg to average 284c/kg while the heavier end over 400kg averaged 267c/kg.

Middle weight steers suitable for feeding were 14c/kg stronger and traded from 245c/kg to 315c/k while the heifer pens were 10c/kg cheaper to average 241c/kg.

At SELX Yass, 1326 were penned a decrease of 74, with the quality described as 'plainer'.

Delta Young livestock sales agent Cam Rosser reported a "big yarding of cows which were back 15c/kg across the board".

"We had a reasonable run of steers which sold to a cheaper trend with the few pens of feeder heifers were strong," he said.

There was a large offering of weaner steers which sold from 233c/kg while the run of weaner heifers sold from 167c/kg to 225c/kg.

Feeder steers eased by 20c/kg with those weighing 280kg to 330kg and fat score 2 selling to restockers for 235c/kg.

Yearling steers in the 400kg plus range 3 fat score and C muscle sold from 266c/kg to 300c/kg a decrease of 30c/kg on previous market.

Grown steers eased by 10c/kg selling from 247c/kg to 270c/kg with the heavy bullocks, 750kg plus C muscle score and 4 fat score making from 208c/kg to 212c/kg.

Pens of cows made up half of the offering with 540 penned selling to a cheaper trend of 20c/kg with the exception of medium weight Angus cows which were firm.

Fat score 3 cows with D muscle score in the 400kg to 520kg range sold from 165c/kg to 192c/kg while restockers paid from 150c/kg to 162c/kg for fat score 2 D muscle cows.

Heavier cows in the 520kg plus range with fat score 6 and muscle score D sold from 172c/kg to 185c/kg an increase of 21c/kg.

At Nowra 230 head were yarded with vealers trading from 216c/kg to 338c/kg while cows sold from 150c/kg to 174c/kg and bulls sold for 173c/kg.

A large percentage of the 580 head penned at NVLX Wodonga were secondary cattle with yearling steers and heifers and grown steers dominating the sale.

Well finished trade weight steers were in limited supply but still sold from 250c/kg to 326c/kg for fat score 3 and C muscle stock offered.

The better shaped trade heifers eased 9c/kg trading from 258c/kg to 270c/kg while the lighter weight supplementary fed heifers sold to 340c/kg for 3 fat score C muscle score.

Manufacturing steers were in limited supply with those weighing 540kg plus and 2 score D muscle sold for 212c/kg.

Numbers increased at Finley when 530 were yarded, consisting mainly of very plain drought affected stock; however competition was limited with several regular buyers absent.

The best of the vealers sold to 330c/kg while supplementary fed B and C muscle score yearling steers sold from 286c/kg to 326c/kg.

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