Bairnsdale rain increases demand

Bairnsdale rain increases demand

Toby Gibbs, Crooked River, sold 10 Angus steers for $1190 at Bairnsdale's sale on Friday. Mr Gibbs is pictured with Owen Waller, Landmark EGL.

Toby Gibbs, Crooked River, sold 10 Angus steers for $1190 at Bairnsdale's sale on Friday. Mr Gibbs is pictured with Owen Waller, Landmark EGL.


Stronger bidding, led to a higher priced market at Bairnsdale.


Further rain in East Gippsland saw the Bairnsdale area have its second autumn rain over the weekend after their sale.

Last Friday's offering of 870 head included several lines of well-bred cattle, which sold to stronger demand, making some cattle $60 a head or more dearer than the sale two weeks ago.

Fewer yearling cattle were penned, and some of the younger steers and heifers offered were held over from the previous sale.

Two weeks ago, the broader area of East Gippsland had its first autumn rain, which for some producers was the first for a very long time.

"The crowd was not as large as their annual calf sale, almost two weeks ago, but those that did attend, paid up to 20-30 cents a kilogram more for their purchases," Brad Obst, Landmark EGL, said.

"After several large, and good quality yardings, this market wasn't as good, and included lesser quality, and mixed grades of cattle.

"These cattle didn't show as much increase as the better-bred, and better-conditioned cattle."

With supply shortening, there was more demand for feeder steers and heifers, and buyers in this group included processors, some who also purchased slaughter cattle.

Coming out of Dargo, Brian Traill, Crooked River, sold 29 steers from $1185-$1230, equaling 303-306c/kg lwt.

One of the better sales, which highlighted the price increases, was Tony Schuable, selling 16 steers, 387kg, for $1235, or 319c/kg lwt.

The sale did offer a few heavy yearling steers.

G&L Klientz sold 10 Hereford steers, weighing 578kg, which sold for $1540.

Much of the yarding consisted of younger steers, and prices ranged mostly between $650-$1150.

Bridles Better Beef sold 51 Hereford steers from $680-$760, and S&K Klientz sold 23 Limousin-cross steers between $700-$870.

Heifers generally sold to dearer trends with feedlot competition aiding a stronger result.

S&K Klientz sold 13 Limousin-cross heifers of lighter weights, from $690-$700, and being a lot closer to the price of their brothers was a far better result than previous markets.

The 25 Hereford heifers of Bridles Better Beef made $690.

A feature draft of 100 Angus and Hereford-cross cows, 3-10 years, offered on behalf of RAP & H Bowman, Wulgulmerang (property sold), all sold to one purchaser.

Pregnancy-tested-in-calf to calf May/June to Charolais and Angus bulls, these cows were in very good condition.

Selling between $1130-$1320, averaging $1212, put them around the current higher rates for fat cows.

But Colin Jones, Bill Wyndham & Co, described Friday's offering as "awful".

"Obviously, we have seen the best cattle sold over the past month, in the annual calf sales, both in the mountains, and here at Bairnsdale," Mr Jones said.

"This yarding was truly awful compared to those other sales, which was not unexpected, as we are still in the grip of our worst drought, despite having the rain.

"We are traditionally only a month away from some colder weather, and these younger, plain condition cattle will not go ahead here."

Fortunately for producers, there were still buyers out there seeking these younger lines of plain cattle, and all found a home on Friday.


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