Solid rain stunts local supply

Rain continues to cover much of East Gippsland

Mountain Calf Sales News

Strong rain at Bairnsdale, and further east, has everyone very happy.


STRONG rain over the past two days affected the supply of cattle at Bairnsdale's annual calf sale on Tuesday.

Agents offered a renewed total of 2700 cattle, including some 260 EU accredited steers and heifers.

A large crowd was presented with a yarding that was of excellent breeding, and mostly of good quality.

Credit goes to the producers for keeping their cattle in such good condition, given the drought in East Gippsland.

With rainfall totals quoted between 8 millimetres to the west of Bairnsdale, and up to 70mm in the high country, there was a lot more confidence in buyers' bidding.

While there was a large crowd present, much of the competition came from South Gippsland, and feedlot orders, with some breeders buying in good lines of heifers.

Other buyers were present, including a live export order, but a lot of the cattle did not suit their weight.

Most producers who were selling commented that their cattle were 40-50 kilograms liveweight lighter this year.

Feature lines drew feature competition, and many of the Angus steers sold from $750-$1150 a head.

RT Russell sold 14 Angus steers for the top-priced weaned steers.

These and numerous other pens sold between 285-314 cents a kilogram.

Buchan Station sold 94 Angus steers from $560-$1110, with only the 17 young steers selling below 300c/kg.

HM&R Stagg, Tambo Crossing, sold 142 Angus steers from $635-$965, with the lightest calves attracting the least attention.

Several lines of noted Hereford breeding did not have the competition of others.

Bayrook Pastoral sold 85 steers from $725-$850, which was in the low to mid 260c/kg range.

Charolais cattle were mostly purchased for grain feeding from $770-$920.

Younger steers sold to mixed competition, although most sold from $420-$700.

TE Woodgate sold 140 Hereford steers from $500-$860.

Charolais, Angus and Hereford heifers sold to mixed price trends, with heavier heifers, some suiting feedlot orders, selling from $700-$860, or 230-244c/kg.

Some particular breeders' lines sold very well.

HM&R Stagg sold 84 Angus heifers from $605-$710, equaling 262-275c/kg.

Several other breeders' lines, such as Buchan Station, Hurley Family Trust, and Bayrook Pastoral, all sold within $510-$690, or equal to 220-238c/kg.

The better-weighted cattle sold well, while most of the younger calves sold at the lower end of the scale.


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