Rain falls on small yarding at Gelantipy

Rain falls on small yarding at Gelantipy

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It rained throughout the day at Gelantipy's annual calf sale.

It rained overnight and throughout the day as Gelantipy agents sold cattle at their annual calf sale on Monday.


However, despite the mud and wet clothes, no one was complaining.

Gelantipy has had more rain than most other areas of East Gippsland, and this follow-up rain would ensure an autumn break for local producers.

But the region has been impacted by drought, and more recently, the dry conditions saw a few regular Gelantipy vendors sell their cattle early, most at Bairnsdale.

This led the 2019 sale to offer a small yarding of about 590 head, and most of these were from local producers who live on the doorstep of the yards.

Frank and Dawn Boulton own Gelantipy Station, which is just across the road from the yards, and are regular sellers at Gelantipy.

They were by far the biggest vendors of the day, with their total steer yarding sold in the first four pens.

"Because of the earlier rain up here, we were able to hold our older steers, to fatten and sell later," Mr Boulton said.

"I am happy with what we were paid for our cattle."

This saw them offer only 315 Angus and Angus/Hereford-cross steers, and these were estimated to weigh between 280-360 kilograms liveweight.

Despite the small offering overall, there was a good crowd of potential buyers that attended.

This included several repeat buyers from South Gippsland, a buyer for live export heifers, a late order from the Western District, and numerous locals who followed the sale.

Two of these repeat buyers set the pace, and for the weight, and quality of the cattle, their prices were gratefully accepted by the vendors.

The sale commenced under heavy rain, on the line of F&D Boulton steers.

Buyers had the choice of a number of several pens, and the first two pens sold for $1000 a head.

Demand varied for the Boulton steers, depending on their weight, with all 315 head selling from $650-$1000.

K Davies sold Hereford steers that had been weaned early, and were well looked after.

With a farm weight of 334-407 kilograms, they sold from $1000-$1130.

W&A Henderson sold 42 Hereford steers between $770-$900.

A small selection of other steers, mostly lighter weights, sold from $500-$700.

Only six pens of heifers were offered, and W&A Henderson sold the top pen for $730.


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