How to help protect your plants against drought

How to help protect your plants against drought


There are ways you can protect plants during drought to avoid a reduction in yield in the future.


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It goes without saying that drought can be devastating to plants, and water deficit is one of the biggest physical stresses on plants, causing both short and long term damage.

So how can you help protect plants during drought and try and avoid a reduction in yield in the future?

On top of your regular fertiliser application, there are products that can be applied that not only help protect from drought, but can also help increase the efficiency of other applications being used.

Specialising in natural and organic fertilisers, Australian company GrowGreen Technologies is leading the way in crop-feeding technology utilising biostimulants like amino acids, hormones and plant beneficial microbes.

GrowGreen Technologies technical manager Pau Vila said their products add value by supplying plants not only with those biostimulants, but also with a clean source of nutrients.

“GrowGreen products are designed to assist growers in a changing climate. We take a natural approach to not only assist with plant growth but to remediate and rebuild soil health in conjunction with the growth of natural and added population of microorganisms. And this allows growers to use less fertilisers over time, not more,” he said.

“And our products respond especially well when the plant is under stress, particularly when there is a lack of water. So right now our customers are especially happy with how their plants are responding to the product. This is because GrowGreen’s products work through a unique process that allows the microbes to digest naturally.”

The products also contain naturally occurring and added macros and micro-nutrients, plus GrowGreen’s selected cocktail of microbes which promote growth and health.

“Our products are manufactured only at ambient temperatures throughout the process, which leaves all natural organisms alive,” Pau said.

To help mitigate the current drought conditions affecting much of the country, he suggests using GrowGreen’s AminoKelp fertiliser on plants.

“AminoKelp contains plant-available amino acids which provides plants with the most efficient source of nitrogen, and help with the transport of nutrients more efficiently within the plant. It also contains different species of seaweed which give the plant the precursors to assemble the five most important hormones, which are essential in helping plants adapt to environmental stress,” he said.

The AminoKelp can be used across a wide range of different crops, and not only will it help build resilience in the plants, but it can also help deal with insect attack, foliar and fungal disease, drought, frost, heat, and sunburn.

And you only need a very small application to get the results.

“GrowGreen products are designed to be applied to the leaves, and this foliar fertilisation gives plants up to 10 times more chances to absorb nutrients,” Pau said.

“And as with any product, we strongly recommend checking labels for compatibility as well as pretesting in a small area prior to widespread application.”

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This is advertiser content for GrowGreen fertiliser.

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