Bold bidding drives Banquet bulls to $48,000

Banquet Angus bulls top at $48,000


A large crowd of over 200 people witnessed Banquet Angus stud, Mortlake, clear all 96 bulls offered.


*Total clearance of 96 bulls sold to $48,000, av $9625

A LARGE crowd of over 200 people from all states of Australia, plus New Zealand, witnessed Banquet Angus stud, Mortlake, clear all 96 bulls offered, topping at $48,000 and averaging $9625.

The first bull in the catalogue, Banquet Noonan N033 by Banquet Lascelles L022, attracted a lot of pre-sale interest, presenting at 970 kilograms at 23 months of age.

Webb Pastoral manager Duncan Newcomen, Glenburn, kicked the sale off on a top note with a successful $22,000 bid.

This was ultimately the equal second top price in the sale.

Six lots later he completed his buying needs, paying $16,000 for Banquet Neal N129.

Two spring-drop full flush brothers, originally catalogued at lots 20 and 21, were brought forward in the sale to be offered immediately after Lot 2.

Banquet National N278, weighing 975kg at 19 months, and Banquet Nationwide N301, weighing 910kg at 18 months, were both sired by outcross bull, Ascot Hallmark H147 and from Banquet Julia W164.

Hallmark carries a combination of Te Mania and Millah Murrah bloodlines, while the donor female, Julia W164, died last year at 18 years of age, having produced 50 progeny for Banquet including 11 sons that have averaged $17,277.

The successful $48,000 bid was placed by Charles and Cass Kimpton, Toora West, Glenthompson.

The Kimptons were no strangers in selecting top Banquet bulls, having purchased many top sires in the last 19 years.

“When you see a run of bulls like we’ve had presented today and look at the depth of quality in them, and then you see one and he still stands out, well he must be good,” Mr Kimpton said.

“I believe he’s got so much to offer us and the whole beef industry because of his enormous ability to gain weight, and we are paid on cents per kilo."

The first 50 in the sale averaged $13,000, and it wasn't until the 25th bull offered that one sold under $10,000. 

VOLUME buying honours went to three individual purchasing accounts with four bulls each at Banquet Angus stud's on-property sale at Mortlake.

Long-term buyer Russ Davis, Preswon, chimed in with an $11,000 bid for Banquet Nuske N091 at lot 2 to open his buying account, adding three more bulls from $10,000 to $12,000, averaging $11,000 for his purchases.

Dunkeld Pastoral Co manager Glen White commenced with a successful $15,000 bid for B. Nevcon N061, then adding bulls at $14,000, $12,000 and $10,000, to average $12,750.

Chris and Paula Riches, Romsdale Park Pty Ltd, were the other buying account to purchase four bulls.

They started with $10,000 and $12,000 purchases, but with better value on offer in the spring-drops, they purchased two youngsters to bring their buying average down to $8250.

Once again, preceding the bull sale, Jack Hickey, JM Ellis & Co, auctioned a run of 139 Banquet-blood mated heifers offered by Robbie and Marg Patterson, Drysdale Partnership, Mortlake.

Offered in eight lots, these sold well producing a very solid result, topping at $2150 and averaging $2024.

The $2150 top-priced lot comprised 15 heifers with an average curfewed weight of 580kg, and were purchased through Peter Rollason on Auctions Plus, account Birriwindi Pastoral, Mortlake.


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