Holbrook home to world’s top two cows

Holbrook home to world’s top two females

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Sponsored content: Hicks Beef tops International Genetics Solutions' All Purpose Index with two top quality females.


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Holbrook might be famous for its iconic submarine however it’s also home to two of the world’s best composite cows.

Hicks Beef co-principal Tom Hicks says he and his father Andrew were elated when they learned that two of their females had the highest and second highest API (All Purpose Index) in International Genetic Solutions’ (IGS)  database.

This is a massive achievement for the family stud. IGS is the largest multi-breed database in the world, with more than 18 million records.

The API takes into account a multitude of factors, including pregnancy, calf survival, carcass weight, feedlot intake, weaning weight, stayability and marbling, to name but a few. 

Mr Hicks said the achievement was also evidence that their direction was working. The stud has been breeding top quality stock for 75 years however in recent times they have embraced cutting edge technology to help perfect the process. 

They have submitted nearly 2000 genotypes so far with every calf crop from now on being submitted. This is helping them breed better and better cattle, as evidenced by their recent coup. It is also significantly improving their Estimated Progeny Differences (EPD’s) each year.

“It’s so important to get those numbers right (and to make decisions based on evidence instead of old biases) because when you’re breeding it is possible to get beautiful looking animals that have lower production capability,” Mr Hicks explained.

“(Genomics allows you to see with data what the eye can’t) for example you can’t see the traits we’re testing for like calf survival.”

Mr Hicks believes genomics and genetic testing will be integral to the future success of the beef industry. 

Story sponsored by Hicks Beef.

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