Euroa weaners exceed expectation

Euroa autumn-drop beef weaners met strong demand


Autumn-drop beef weaners gained better-than-expected results at Euroa


A quality yarding of autumn-drop beef weaners delivered results above expectation at Euroa on Wednesday.

Offering some 3500 head on day-two of its split series Black Friday markets, buyers trucked lines of cattle to all points, with some sent north into New South Wales, south into Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula and Tasmania, pregnancy tested in calf heifers went to western districts while a large percentage were drifted back into the northeast ranges, Goulburn Valley and to numerous grain feeding operations.

In the opening lane, large pen-lots of well-bred Angus steers, weighed 330 to 400kg, constantly fetched prices in the 300 to 330c/kg range to make from $1030 to a market top of $1240 a head.

A broad range of buyers were supportive of this weight while those seeking weights from 300 to 330kg generally coughed up the same selling rate forking out prices from $950 to $1050 a head.

Lighter steers, which in the recent past has drifted in value, also exceeded expectations selling mostly in the $800 to $920 a head range, with only a small tail sold lower.

The unjoined heifer market also gained plenty of support, with feeders, local and interstate backgrounders and several Tasmanian finisher orders all eager for a piece of the action.

Unjoined heifers were mostly sold in the $680 to $870 per head range with odd selected lots sold higher to $980 to return in a sale rate of 260 to 280c/kg across most.

A feature of the day-two Euroa Black Friday market was the first season’s first substantial offering of joined young females set for autumn calving.

Offered by noted breeders and specialist operators these were sold in a price range of $1450 to a top of $1750 a head for the pick of the yarding while several lots with lesser known genetics or with a less desirable later joining made from $1225 to $1500.

The sale was conducted Euroa agents, Elders, Landmark and Rodwells.


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