Colac lighter steers and heifers sell strongly

Light cattle attract strong demand at Colac


A penning of 1025 cattle at Colac was the best quality yarding for three or four months and that was reflected in the market.

A penning of 1025 cattle at Colac was the best quality yarding for three or four months and that was reflected in the market.


Associated agents penned 546 steers, 372 heifers and 107 cow and calf outfits.

Charles Stewart Dove Livestock Consultant, Phil Douglas, said the previous yardings had been “winter” type yardings, while this contained more finished cattle.

“There was a very good run of grown and weaner steers, and a some of the heifers and that was reflected in the prices,” Mr Douglas said.

“With the feed locally we were able to take a lot of cattle ourselves and while some feedlotters bought, some went away without buying. Certainly grass finishers were the strength of the market today.

“The heavy steers sold from 260-290c/kg, and the mid-range 280-310c/kg.

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“We had a very good runs of weaner type steers, 8-9 months that sold anywhere from 340 to 370c/kg. They were well sought after.

“The heifers could have been dearer but sold from 230-260c/kg.

“There were heifers ready to join that sold to people looking to breed. Our heifers have been too cheap and there has been an opportunity.

“The cows and calves were stronger. There weren’t any big lines but sold $1100 to $1600. There was still good buying at that.”

In the heavy steers offering Eurack House sold six Angus steers, 16-20 months, 488kg for $1320 or 275c/kg.

On the same vendor’s slightly younger steers, 365kg, they sold for $1060 or 290c/kg.

ML Jacob sold a pen of six heavy Angus steers, 490kg, for $1300 or 265c/kg.

Spring Valley forwarded five Charolais/Angus cross steers, 12 months, 409kg, that sold for $1060, or 274c/kg. CF, TI, GA & DC Phillips forwarded a draft of Angus cattle with a pen of six heavy steers, 14-15 months selling to $1125 or 275c/kg.

Yeowarra sold Angus steers, 9-11 months, 345kg, for $1130 or 327c/kg, while P & J Lenehan, sold 10 month old Angus steers, 375kg, for $1070 or 285c/kg and a second pen of seven, 351kg, that sold for $1020, or 290c/kg.

Major vendors, Purrumbete South, sold eight Angus steers, 328kg, for $940 or 286c/kg.

A Black sold a pen of 17 Angus steers, 8-9 months that made $1100, or 358c/kg, while HR & BA Beach sold five Angsu steers at $1080, or 307c/kg.

The first pen of 13 steers from JJ Black, 8-9 months, sold for $980, while St Omer sold 19 steers, 8-9 months, for $900.

The opening pen of heifers was a line of 14 sold account Purrumbete South, 383kg, that made $980. The same vendor sold 17 heifers, 365kg at $950 and 10 weighing 332kg for $870.

Eurack House sold seven Angus and Black Baldy heifers, 464kg for $1190 or 256c/kg, a second pen of six, 325kg, for $720 or 221c/kg and a third draft of eight for $680.

Top of the cow and calf market was a line of six Angus heifers, two years old, with six Speckle Park calves at foot, 4-6 weeks old. Forwarded by JW & MJ Pietsch, the sold for $1620.


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