Eastern cattle indicator well up on year


While the EYCI is at a five-month low, it's 45¢ above the same time last year.


The EYCI has lost another 5¢, taking the monthly loss to 20¢ at 645¢/kg cwt. 

While it’s a five-month low, it is still 45¢ above the same time last year.

The Eastern States Heavy Steer Indicator has held steady, tracking along between 550 and 560¢/kg cwt for all of November. 

Medium cows have steadied, and actually gained some ground. 

The East Coast Medium Cow has gained 10¢ over the month, to sit at 482¢/kg cwt.

In terms of the spread, heavy steers have narrowed their discount to young cattle to 100¢ – this time last year it was 50¢.

Cows are a different story, with each state’s cow indicator now sitting at a 20 per cent discount to the EYCI. 

Given the current 90CL price, it’s hard to see cows getting much closer to the EYCI.

*Mecardo, Ag Concepts


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