Pakenham grown steers to $3000 a head

Pakenham grown steers to $3000 a head

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Pakenham heavy cattle back to where they were.


Feedlots have underpinned a stronger showing for heavier weaners, at Pakenham.

Nutrien Delaney Livestock and Property principal Anthony Delaney said the business had been promoting the Feature Grow and Weaner sale for some years.

Producers from the local area, west Gippsland and the Yarra Valley retained cattle for the sale.

"Year on year, it has just grown and grown," Mr Delaney said.

"Heavy cattle sold well above expectations.

'"Leading up to Christmas, they probably got a bit tougher to sell - a bit doughy - but today they stepped up another gear back to where they were three months ago."

Feedlots TFI and Hopkins River were backed with northern support from Mort and Co, Toowoomba, and commission buyers Duncan Brown and Campbell Ross.

"In the calf pens, the cattle made as much money, if not more," Mr Delaney said.

The pens included steers and heifers, weighing 270-300 kilograms, which made between $2200-2300.

Alex Scott and Staff livestock manager David Setches said very good lines of autumn drop cattle were presented at the sale.

There were very few light cattle presented in the yarding of about 4106 steers and heifers.

"With the season we he have had, they have done exceptionally well - hence the weights we were seeing," Mr Setches said.

"We are not seeing many of those lighter cattle

"Cattle that were held over for this sale have certainly bloomed over that December/January period and gone right ahead."

The season had now gone and producers were looking for a good autumn break.

"The 550 kilogram steers made up to 560 cents a kilogram, then you got 450-480kg made from 475-480c/kg."

"Once we got around 300kg, they were 700-750c/kg."

Tarrawarra Abbey, Tarrawarra, sold 26 Merridale and Rennylea-blood steers, 371kg, for $2470 or 665c/kg.

Their 34 Rangan, Violet Hills and Rosedale-blood steers, 370kg, sold for $2400 or 628c/kg.

Burnside Pastoral, Yarra Glen, sold 17 Hazeldean-blood steers, 575kg, for $2830 or 492c/kg.

Kara Mia Pastoral, Longwarry, sold 16 steers, 538kg, for $2970 or 552c/kg.

Bimbadeen, Ventnor, sold 24 Bimbadeen-blood steers, 549kg, for $3000 or 546c/kg.

Karool, Ventnor, sold 23 Bimadeen-blood steers, 516kg, for $2860 or 554c/kg.

Karool's seconds, 18, av 492kg, sold foe $2820 or 573c/kg.

Glenfern, Yea, sold 33 Merridale-blood steers, 437kg, for $2590 or 592c/kg.

Malanda Pastoral, Giffard, sold 20 Leawood-blood steers, 467kg, for $2710 or 580c/kg.

JL & CD Brooke, Faraday, sold 24 Swanpool bred, Prime and Riga-blood steers, 492kg, for $2820 or 573c/kg.

Their seconds, 19, av 469kg, sold for $2530 or 539c/kg.

RG Fryer, Nar Nar Goon, sold 21 steers, 547kg, for $2760 or 504c/kg.

Blythe Aire, Strathbogie, sold 28 Conamarra-blood steers, 438kg, for $2570 or 586c/kg.

Their seconds 28, ave 459kg, sold for $2640 or 575c/kg.

Boundary Park, Wollert, sold 29 Angus steers, 472kg, for $2720 or 572c/kg.

P & L Burgi, Gruyere, sold 28 Violet Hills and Rangan-blood steers, 390kg, for $2350 or 602c/kg.

Their seconds, 16, av 325kg, sold for $2300, or 707c/kg.

The Burgis also sold 22 heifers, 335kg, for $2140 or 638c/kg.

Glen Brothers, Guildford, sold 21 Glenview Dell and Tarcombe-blood steers, 411kg, for $2220 or 540c/kg.

G.M & M.E Derix, Tinamba, sold 29 Taylor Charolais-blood steers, 435kg, for $2460 or 565c/kg.

Carra Falls, Carrajong South, sold 27 West Creek Angus-blood steers, out of Cherymont-blood cows, sold for $2240 or 670c/kg.

Their seconds, 38, av 279kg, sold or $2070, or 742c/kg.

Carra's 35 heifers, 300kg, sold for $2170 or 723c/kg, with another pen of 23, 270kg, selling for $2060 or 762c/kg.

Sunny Meadow, Coldstream, sold 43 Ardrossan-blood heifers,277kg, for $2100, or 758c/kg.

Merristock, Woodstock, sold 35 Pert Angus-blood steers, 351kg, for $2460 or 700c/kg.

Merristock's 32 heifers, 310kg, sold for $2140 or 690c/kg.

Luke Reddan, Sunbury, sold 20 eight-nine-month old Angus steers, 336kg, for $2170 or 645c/kg.

L&L Milner, Yannathan, sold 13 steeers, 564kg, for $2890 or 512c/kg.

B & P Freeman sold 16 Hilltop-blood steers, 336kg, for $2270 or 675c/kg.

J & LN Tribuzzi, The Gurdies, sold 24 Wattlewood-blood steers, 291kg, for $2400 or 824c/kg.

C Angelopolous, Cardinia, sold 20 Angus steers, 400kg, for $2510 or 625c/kg.

R Harding sold 11 steers, 425kg, for $2680 or 630c/kg.

Silverbrae Charolais sold 30 Rangan and Palgrove-blood steers, 403kg, for $2400 or 595c/kg.

They also sold a pen of 11, 376kg, for $2270 or 603c/kg and nine heifers, 403kg, for $2480 or 615c/kg.

S & M Patterson, Nyora, sold 8 steers, 377kg, for $2130 or 572c/kg.

Becxon Agriculture, Shady Creek, sold 18 Keystone Limousin heifers, 366kg, for $2300 or628c/kg or 628c/kg.

King Valley Farms, Warragul, sold 21 heifers, 314kg, for $1920 or 611c/kg.

B & P Freeman sold 16 Hilltop-blood steers, 336kg, for $2270 or 675c/kg.


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