Euroa weaners surpass $11 a kilo

Euroa weaners surpass $11 a kilo

Weaner Sales

Euroa weaners settled at 600c to 700 cents a kilogram, and higher.


EUROA joined the weaner sale conga line today with prices settling at 600c to 700 cents a kilogram and higher for the well-bred lines of cattle.

Front and centre of the buying gallery was commission buyer Duncan Brown and Peter Tuohey, Elders Gunnedah manager Nik Hannaford, and Rodwells manager Mick Curtis, who all regarded the 1920-head yarding as well presented store cattle.

"Prices floating around $50-$80 softer than our December sale, and it is quite obvious buyers are operating at $2200-$2300 dollars a head value," Elders Euroa auctioneer Joe Allen said.

"The heifer job was very satisfactory with a good run of joinable heifers, with about eight pens of 350kg plus making $2350-$2400."

There was excitement in the gallery when the dispersal of Gunbar Development, Beveridge, sold a pen of 172kg Angus weaner steers which fetched $2000, paid by Elders Gunnedah manager Nik Hannaford, equating to 1163c/kg.

Their run of 62 heifer weaners peaked at $1650, paid for seven Angus-cross av 272kg, with the entire draft of 149 mixed-sex light calves av $1409, or 864c/kg.

Mr Hannaford's order added a floor to the market that prevented prices from falling below $2100 on steers above 300kg.

Michael and Rowena Stubbe, Gooram Springs, Gooram sold 112 mixed-breed weaners, topping at $2000 for a pen of 26 Angus steers, av 220kg, with the 46 steers sold av $1930, or 858c/kg.

Their 66-head female offering av $1653, or 738c/kg, and peaked at $1720, paid by Albury-based commission buyer Duncan Brown, for 33 Angus heifer weaners, av 223kg, 771c/kg.

In total, Mr Brown purchased 600 predominantly Angus weaners, 300-350kg, destined for backgrounding in Armadale, Coonamble and Nyngan, NSW.

He said cattle were presented in good store condition, with prices more attractive for northern restockers than those prior to Christmas.

Ray and Patricia Paget, Ruffy, sold 28 Angus steers, Kelly Angus blood, av $2390, or 583c/kg, and 15 Angus-cross heifers, 362kg, to $2080.

The opening pen of true weaner cattle fetched the highest price of $2500, for 20 pure Connamara blood Angus steers, at 412kg, offered by stud breeders Michael, Olga and Marcus Hill, Ruffy.

Hayden Brown, Clifton Park, Monglonemby, sold 71 Angus weaner steers, that hit a high of $2390 for 18 head av 410kg, while the entire draft av 337kg and $2278, or 676c/kg.


Rodwells manager Mick Curtis purchased 300 weaners, including two deck B-Double load of 400kg steers, as well as 87 well-bred heifers to go into a local artificial insemination program.

"While the market compared to before Christmas was a little cheaper, cattle were not quite as good as the black sale in December, but prices were in line with what is going on elsewhere," Mr Curtis said.

He said while there were "slightly erratic" mixed pens that lacked breeding integrity, there was small but effective competition on the majority of the yarding.

"A few people didn't come that usually would because of COVID so the crowd wasn't as big as it usually is but the line of buyers were strong enough," he said.

"There are other weaner sales so buyers stretch themselves out."

Another notable offering was from Scott Walters and Katie Williams, who sold a draft of 27 Angus weaner steers to $2400, and av $2183, and 23 Angus heifers to $2220, av $1980.


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