Casterton Herefords to 788c/kg as one buyer snaps up 40pc of yarding

Casterton Herefords to 788c/kg as one buyer snaps up 40pc of yarding


Agents yarded about 1200 Hereford cattle at Casterton on Wednesday.


Forty-five per cent of Casterton's Hereford yarding was bought by one person on Wednesday with 540 steers sold at the feature weaner sale destined for a grass finishing program in NSW.

Agents yarded 1176 Hereford and Simmental steers in western Victoria for the third of four weaner sales at the complex as part of the southern weaner sales series.

Injemira Beef Genetics principal Marc Greening bought 540 steers at the market, predominantly featuring Injemira blood, which equated to 45 per cent of the cattle sold at the sale.

Mr Greening said 50 per cent of the draft would be placed into Injemira's grass finishing program for Coles Graze, while the remaining balance would go into the same program at Willinga Park, Murrumbateman, NSW.


Several western district beef breeding families headlined the sale with more than 100 vendor-bred calves respectively featured throughout the sale.

Elders Casterton territory sales manager Sam Broomby said similar to other recent weaner sales, the bulk of the yarding sold would head north of the Murray River where feed was prominent.

"We're talking about places like Holbrook, Walcha and Tamworth who were big buyers," he said.

"These are some of the best bred Hereford cattle in Australia and every year they put them up the way they do and it's a real credit to our vendors."

Saleyard data revealed Casterton's 2800-head Angus and Angus/Hereford-cross steer sale on Tuesday recorded an average of $2269 a head or 683c/kg, as cattle sold to a top price of 852c/kg or $2523.

In comparison, steers at Wednesday's Hereford and Simmental sale recorded an average of $2094 a head or 664c/kg, while cattle sold to a top price of 788c/kg or $2492.

"The tops of the drafts were from 330-370kg and they were from 620-650c/kg and then the middle drafts from 300-320kg were from 650-700c/kg," Mr Broomby said.

"Your lighter calves under 300kg topped at 788c/kg."

Jason Koch, Rosebank, Casterton, sold the first pen of 20 Hereford steers, 369kg, for 630c/kg or $2324.

Mr Koch sold 152 Hereford and Simmental steers, nine and 10 months, in total 19 Simmental steers, 358kg, for 632c/kg or $2262 and 18 steers, 348kg, for 632c/kg or $2199.

The Lambert family, Taronga Poll Herefords, Paschendale, sold 160 Poll Hereford steers, nine and 10 months, including 16 steers, 353kg, for 628c/kg or $2216 and 16, 357kg, for 628c/kg or $2241.

The Sullivan family, Shallum Holdings, sold 104 Hereford steers, nine and 10 months, including nine steers, 362kg, for 630c/kg or $2280 and 25 steers, 316kg, for 662c/kg or $2091.

Shallum Holdings also sold 32 steers, 234kg, for 788c/kg or $1843.

Jeoff and Jill Hortle, Woranga Park, Dunrobin, sold 130 Hereford steer calves, nine and 10 months, including 23 steers, 322kg, for 676c/kg or $2176, and 32 steers, 278kg, for 730c/kg or $2029.

"I can remember six or seven years ago at this sale when we were selling steers for $730 a head," Mr Hortle said.

"Now we're selling them for that in cents a kilo and I never thought I would have seen these sorts of prices."

Woranga Park also sold 35 steers, 238kg, for 784c/kg or $1865.

Carol and Cam Emerson, Alva Downs, Tahara, sold 112 Hereford steers, nine and 10 months, including 32 steers, 397kg, for 600c/kg or $2382 and 41 steers, 355kg, for 640c/kg or $2272.

Glenaulin sold 12 Hereford/Simmental-cross steers, March 2021-drop, 448kg, for 556c/kg or $2490 and 16 steers, 409kg, for 580c/kg or $2372.

In other sales, Waterloo sold 27 Hereford steers, 377kg, for 616c/kg or $2298.

Glenside sold 13 steers, March/April 2021-drop, 372kg, for 618c/kg or $2298.

Butchers, Casterton, sold 14 Hereford steers, 392kg, for 592c/kg or $2320.

Karingal sold 14 steers, 355kg, for 640c/kg or $2272.

Sunningdale sold 14 steers, 331kg, for 620c/kg or $2052.

Glencairn sold 26 steers, 318kg, for 670c/kg or $2130.

Village View sold 11 steers, 320kg, for 668c/kg or $2137.

Ceanda sold eight steers, 314kg, for 660c/kg or $2072.

Wilkah Herefords sold 13 steers, 343kg, for $2236 or 652c/kg.

Sutherland Hills sold 17 steers, 327kg, for 688c/kg or $2249.

Strathlea sold 16 steers, 334kg, for 646c/kg or $2157.

Tarong sold 28 steers, 286kg, for 700c/kg or $2002 and 28 steers, 293kg, for 700c/kg or $2051.


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