Pakenham weaners pass 800c/kg as industry digs deep for cause

Pakenham weaners pass $2300 a head as industry digs deep for cause


Agents yarded almost 4000 cattle at Pakenham on Thursday.


Several feature lines of of mixed-sex vendor-bred cattle headlined Pakenham's fortnightly store sale on Thursday, as the agriculture industry dug deep into their pockets to help a quadriplegic boy.

Agents yarded about 4000 cattle in a mega market at the Victorian Livestock Exchange where farmers, buyers and agents came together to support 16-year-old Harvey McKeever.

Harvey was injured earlier this year when he fell off his motorbike at his family's Wilowmavin property, causing him to break his fourth cervical vertebra which has left him paralysed.

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The Helping Harvey Fundraiser, led by Pakenham agencies Alex Scott & Staff and Elders, auctioned off nine cattle, which were bought by restockers, processors and agents.

Harvey's mum, Renae McKeever, said the family was overwhelmed by the support of the industry and thanked those who donated cattle for the fundraiser, along with those who bought the steers at auction.

A breakdown of the funds raised will be published in Thursday's Stock & Land, however, on Thursday afternoon event organisers said several thousand dollars had already been donated towards the family.

Among the feature drafts at the store sale was the first consignment of 250 Bergamin Pastoral Company mixed-sex Angus, Hereford and Black Baldy calves from the Bergamin's Willow Grove property.

The March/April-2021-drop calves included a top pen of 25 Angus steers, 321 kilograms, which made $2330 or 725 cents a kilogram, 20 steers, 295kg, which made $2260 or 766c/kg, and 23 steers, 265kg, for $2030.

The family also sold 19 Black Baldy steers, 261kg, for $2030 or 777c/kg, 20 Hereford steers, 284kg, for $2090 or 735c/kg, and 20 Hereford steers, 258kg, for $1920 or 744c/kg.

The Bergamins also sold unweighed heifers including a pen of 10 for $1760 and 12 for $1720.

Alex Scott & Staff livestock manager David Setches said cattle more than 600kg eased 5-10c/kg.

"All your cattle that fell into the feedlot specifications were fully firm, but what was dearer and that's because there was a lack of the lighter weight cattle 230-300 cattle which sold exceptionally well," he said.

"I think people are buying to a price rather than worrying about a calculator."

Several feedlotters were active throughout the sale, chasing cattle weighing 400-500kg, while restockers were also out in force on the lighter pens.

"In the calf pens, we sold unweighed cattle that were under 200kg and made up to $1950 and that would have worked out to be more than 830c/kg," Mr Setches said.

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Geoff and Sue Murray, Nar Nar Goon, also headlined the sale with a draft of 97 mixed-sex cattle, 13 months, including 21 steers, 407kg, for $2460 or 604c/kg, 18 steers, 388kg, for 2460 or 634c/kg and 15 steers, 338kg, for $2320 or 686c/kg.

The Murrays also sold 19 heifers, 370kg, $2190 or 591c/kg, and 15 heifers, 340kg, for $2000 or 588c/kg.

In the first lane of the sale, Markarna Farms, Lang Lang, sold 69 Angus steers, 18-20 months, including a top pen of 18 steers, 591kg, for $3000 or 507c/kg.

Markarna Farms also sold 17 steers, 591kg, $2900 or 490c/kg, 18 steers, 542kg, for $2970 or 547c/kg and 16 steers, 511kg, for $2860 or 559c/kg.

Elders Pakenham auctioneer Michael Robertson said the sale was on par with recent markets.

"It was very strong again and quite consistent compared to recent sales, apart from light-weight Angus heifers which might have been a bit dearer," Mr Robertson said.

"We found in our sale we had some really nice heifers which made upwards of 650c/kg for heifers 310-330kg.

"I found the dearest cattle of the day were those 330kg steers and you really need anywhere from 715-730c/kg to buy those sorts of cattle."

He said large store numbers could dwindle in the coming weeks as the festive season approached, but noted graziers were still keen to sell their cattle on the back of buoyant livestock prices.

"It doesn't really make sense when there's so much feed in the paddock, but the prices drag them out," he said.

Nutrien Delaney Livestock & Property director Anthony Delaney said a large portion of the cattle were bought by commission buyers, feedlotters and fewer restockers compared to recent sales.

"It was still a very strong result but I think it was a touch easier compared to recent sales we've seen," he said.

"The scale of numbers is partially due to that because the fat market is getting a bit touch and go."

In other sales, Netherwood Pastoral, Bass, sold 17 steers, 347kg, for $2300 or 662c/kg.

WA Cleeland, Phillip Island, sold 28 steers, 326kg, for $2360 or 723c/kg, and 26 steers, 292kg, for $2310 or 791c/kg.

P Moore sold 14 steers, 688kg, for $3100 or 450c/kg, while Classicus Ltd, Dromana, sold 42 steers, 639kg, for $3020 or 472c/kg.

Guest Farming, Coldstream, sold 27 steers, 430kg, for $2620 or 609c/kg, and another 27 steers, 383kg, for $2410 or 629c/kg.

Glen Avis, Catani, sold 29 steers, 415kg, for $2370 and 30 steers, 323kg, for $2190 or 678c/kg.

The same vendor also sold 20 heifers, 350kg, for $2030 or 580c/kg.

J Buchanan, Tanjil South, sold 19 steers, 353kg, for $2380 or 674c/kg, and 15 heifers, 309kg, for $2020 or 653c/kg.

J & A Black, Traralgon South, sold 24 steers, 331kg, for $2240 or 676c/kg, and 21 heifers, 318kg, for $1960 or 616c/kg.

Brae-Heid, Barwon Downs, sold 15 heifers, 329kg, for $2180 or 664c/kg, while Kiloran sold 30 heifers, 296kg, for $2030.

Malcolm Hunter, Darnum, sold 10 Hereford steers, 371kg, for $2320 or 625c/kg, and 14 heifers, 371kg, for $2090 or 563c/kg.

M & S Reedy, Garfield North, sold 14 steers, 350kg, for $2260 or 645c/kg, and 11 heifers, 350kg, for $2100 or 600c/kg.

Fingal Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Eynesbury Station, sold 34 heifers, 261kg, for $1820 or 697c/kg.


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