Mortlake prices rise again as quality improves

Mortlake prices rise again as quality improves

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There were plenty of weaner steers that sold in a range of 700-788c/kg at Mortlake.


Demand on a yarding of 4470 cattle at Mortlake on Thursday was stronger, thanks to widespread buying interest.

Mortlake Stock Agents' Association president Matt Baxter said it was a quality yarding, particularly the autumn-drop weaners.

A feature of the sale was the offering of 400 Angus, autumn-drop, mixed-sex cattle, sold by Emu Downs, Glenthompson.

There was strong demand for the draft with the steer portion that weighed in a range of 343-365 kilograms selling from 684-702 cents a kilogram.

Steers weighing 307-316kg made 705-724c/kg, and those weighing 227-266kg made from 748-788c/kg.

The heifer portion of the draft included 20 at 336kg that made 658c/kg, while the light end weighing 263kg sold for 710c/kg.

Another feature draft was from Draffen Properties with the steer portion of its 8-12-month-old steers making 732c/kg for a pen of 44 at 270kg.

A pen of 51 at 240kg sold for 786c/kg, while 45 at 220kg topped at 804c/kg.

The heifer portion saw 16 at 290kg make 642c/kg, 26 at 254kg make 662c/kg, and 22 at 223kg make 710c/kg.

McClellend Ag sold two pens of weaners including 23 at 350kg that made 682c/kg, and 26 at 306kg for 704c/kg.

Fiveways Angus, Portland, sold 7-8-month-old steers for 714c/kg for 41 that weighed 299kg, and 16 at 273kg that sold open auction for $1980 a head.

A consignment of grown heifers, 14-15 months, from Boiardo Pastoral, sold to a top of 678c/kg for a pen of 35 weighing 340kg.

The heavy end comprised 21 at 399kg that made 598c/kg.

PB Farming sold a pen of 21 weaner steers, 323kg, for 696c/kg.

A pen of 12 weaner steers sold by W & A Kemp, 282kg, made 718c/kg.

Mr Baxter said the heavy steers started a little slowly before returning to strong level depending on weights.

He said there were at least three of four feedlotters operating on the grown steers.

He said the autumn-drop, well-bred black calves attracted strong inquiry.

"To buy steers 300kg-plus, you needed $2100 - a lot of money," he said.

"Overall the lighter cattle were dearer."

He said a "really good order" from Bathurst, NSW, bought four loads.

"That just meant that any cattle in the slot, 250-320kg, were in high demand," he said.

He said the whole job was dear with runs of heavy heifers going back to the bull, while processors were also active.

Bligh Pastoral had a pen of 10 Angus and Black Baldy steers, 18-22 months, that weighed 392kg and sold for 616c/kg.

Its grown heifers comprised a pen of 20 at 359kg for 596c/kg.

Roslan Property's draft included a pen of 13 Hereford steers, 385kg, that sold for 618c/kg, and another pen comprising 15 at 402kg for 614c/kg.

A pen of 23 Angus/Simmental-cross steers, account KL & LE Mowat, 17-18 months, at 440kg, made 590c/kg.

Corlindale sold 13 Angus/Santa Gertrudis-cross steers, 15-16 months, that weighed 396kg, and sold for 576c/kg.

RC McNamara sold eight Angus and Black Baldy steers, 20-21 months, 408kg, that sold for 598c/kg.

Sixteen Angus and Black Baldy steers sold by Majors Creek, 445kg, made 598c/kg.

The best of the Tomkins steers was a pen of 12, 389kg, that sold for 618c/kg.

O'Keefe Pastoral sold a draft including a pen of 28 steers, 11-12 months, 437kg, for 602c/kg.

Bonnieview Ag forwarded 13 steers, 16-18 months, 452kg, that made 586c/kg, and 10, 411kg, at 610c/kg.

The same account sold 12 weaner steers, 330kg, for 696c/kg, and seven, 292kg, for 660c/kg.

Eulameet Pastoral sold a pen of 11 Hereford steers, 18-20 months, 515kg, that made 534c/kg.

A second pen of 20, 460kg, sold for 558c/kg.

Belleview sold 24 Angus weaner steers, 414kg, for 630c/kg.

Four Winds sold a pen of 21 Angus weaner heifers, 299kg, for 638c/kg, and a second pen of 17, 364kg, for 618c/kg.

Ken Ludeman, Delringa Park, Cobden, sold Hereford weaners, 6-8 months, 189kg, for 764c/kg.

Ellingerrin Pastoral sold 51 heifers with an average weight of 394kg that made 592c/kg.

There was a large yarding of F1 and Friesian steers that sold to good demand with most selling at rates above 500c/kg.


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