Merinos hit $5800 top at Melrose sale

Melrose Merinos tops $5800 as wool confidence grows


Confidence in the wool market was felt at Melrose Merino's on property ram sale, which hit a sale top of $5800.


*59 of 60 rams sold to $5800, av $1931

CONFIDENCE in the wool market ricocheted through Melrose Merino stud's on-property ram sale, which hit a top of $5800.

The Nurrabiel stud recorded a 10 per cent jump on last year's sale average at $1931 this year, compared to $1728 received in 2020.

The sale high was $1600 more than last year's equivalent during the on-property sale on Wednesday, with the entire draft of 27 horned rams sold to $3800, for a $1785 average, while 31 polled rams peaked at $5800, av $2058.

Melrose Merino stud principal Warren Russell said it was a terrific result with several return clients purchasing larger drafts of rams than usual.

"The rams presented very well despite the tough seasonal conditions and 27 millimetres of rain on them in the lead up to the sale," Mr Russell said.

"This season has been tough, with the rams on average eight kilograms lighter, and 1.2 micron finer than last year."

Of the 60 rams offered, 38 were raised as multiples, including three lots' full brothers.

The 17 successful bidders were largely from across western Victoria.

The sale-topping price was paid by Ashley and Katrina McErvale, AG & KM McErvale, Langi Kal Kal, for Lot 1, who measured in the breed's top 5pc for Fibre Production (FP+) and Merino Production (MP+) indexes at 176 and 188, respectively.

The ram was in the top 5pc for Yearling Fibre Diameter of -2.39, and recorded the number of lambs weaned at nine.

The 16-month-old ram weighed 107 kilograms, and recorded fleece measurements of 17.8 micron, standard deviation (SD) of 2.3, co-efficient variation (CV) of 12.9 and comfort factor (CF) of 99.9pc.

The second-highest-priced ram at the sale made $3800, paid by AL & RL McLean, Coojar, for Lot 31, the top-priced horned ram.

The 107kg, May 2021-drop ram had wool measurements of 2.5 SD, CV of 14.6, CF of 99.6pc and 17.2 micron.

He had a FP+ index of 158, MP+ of 172, YWT of 8.4, YCFW of 16 and a NLW of 10.

Lot 10 and 40 both made $3600, paid by Jorgensen Farms, Murtoa, and RM Anderson Pastoral, Ampitheatre, respectively.

Lot 10, 20BN5039, measured 2.5 SD, CV of 14.8, CF of 99.9pc and 17.1 micron, MP+ 174 FP+ 164.

He was a son of Melrsoe Poll 17BN305, who had 10 sons in the catalogue this year, and was one of two rams purchased by the Jorgensens.

They also took home Lot 27 for $3400, who measured 3.4 SD, CV of 18.4, CF of 99.3pc, and 18.3 micron, MP+ 165 and FP+ 156.

Anderson Pastoral Co also purchased two rams, Lot 40, for $3600, who measured 2.5 SD, CV of 15.7, CF of 99.7pc and 15.9 micron, MP+ and 185 FP+ 169, as well as Lot 21, for $3400, who recorded 2.8 SD, CV of 16.6, CF of 99.6pc, and 16.8 micron, MP+ 172 and FP+ 157, both sons of Melrose Poll 'Henry' 18BN724.

Volume buyers at the sale included Ethandune Partnership, Coleraine, who bought nine rams to a top price of $1600, av $1189.


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