Chrome sells more rams, beats top price

Chrome sells more rams, beats top price


Chrome sale gets off to a flying start, with first two lots making the joint top price.


*353 Chromedale Maternal rams of 407 of 353 to $5,800, av $2,073

*Total clearance of 96 ICON Southie rams to $2,300, av $1,381

*Total clearance of 86 Poll Dorsets to $3,000, av $1791

SALE TOPPERS: The two top-priced rams at the Chrome Sheep Studs spring auction.

SALE TOPPERS: The two top-priced rams at the Chrome Sheep Studs spring auction.

Chrome Sheep Studs, Yulecart, co-principal Matt Tonissen says an increased offering at this year's spring sale resulted in in a new record top price of $5800.

That was a big jump from the $4000 top price, realised last year.

"We had a 100 per cent clearance of our maternal rams, last year, so to try and satisfy our clients we increased the number offered by another 60 rams," Mr Tonnissen said.

"We are trying to work out where that balance is, between supply and demand."

Last year Chrome had a total clearance of its 529 rams, across five breeds, for an average of $2137.

This year, Chrome sold 535 rams, for an overall average of $1903.

The two top-priced rams, lots 1 and 2 set the sale off to a flying start.

"'It was a bit of a surprise that it opened up that strong," Mr Tonissen said.

"It was a record price for us.

"Under after the current wet cold winter we have had the rams presented exceptionally well, given the circumstances."

Both top-priced rams were sold to new clients DR & TL Simson, Warrock.

Lot 1 had a weaning weight of 10.4 kilograms, a post-weaning weight of 14.5kg, a post-eye muscle depth of 1.2 millimetres and a number of lambs weaned of 18

He had a Maternal dollar index of $169 and a maternal Maternal Carcase Production Plus index of 149.

Lot 2 had a weaning weight of 10.4kg, a PWT of 14.5, a PEMD of 1.2mm and a NLW of 26.

His MAT$ index was $181 and his MCP+ was 174.

"It exceeded our expectations, early in the sale, but struggled a little bit in the middle," Mr Tonissen said.

The highlight of the sale were the terminals with both the ICON Southies and Poll Dorsets having a 100pc clearance.

Matthew Mulcahy, Streatham, took home the top priced Poll Dorset, Lot 526, for $3,000.

Volume buyers included Robert Cooper, Barton Station, Moyston (11 Maternals, 10 ICON Southies and 21 Poll Dorsets), Tom Whinney, Chatsworth House, Chatsworth (13 Maternals, 17 ICON Southies) and John Ford, Hermiston Ag, Mulwala (18 Maternals, 17 Poll Dorsets and 3 ICON Southies).

The sale was interfaced with Elite Livestock Auctions.

Kerr & Co Hamilton agent Robert Claffey said while there wasn't such strong competition on the bottom end of the sale, the terminals, in particular the Poll Dorsets, were "extraordinary".

"Western District producers are coming up for their third profitable year and there is a bit of fat in the system."

"Equity in farms is dramatically improving, so its not just the price of lamb, there are lot of other factors as well.

"It's confidence, and if your balance sheet is strong, you naturally feel more confident."

It's confidence, and if your balance sheet is strong, you naturally feel more confident. - Robert Claffey, Kerr & Co Hamilton agent

There were six new buyers who attended the sale.

Rams went to Victoria, South Australia and NSW.

"The online bidders tended to do most of their share at the baseline, which is very pleasing, because we always need a base."

He said SA bidders were the majority of those on the Elite platform.


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