Prices hit $4000 as new clients flock to Hynam

Hynam Merino ram sale hits $4000 top price


Fleece traits and production data are rapidly growing the client base of Hynam Poll Merino stud at Longwood.


*44 of 48 rams sold to $4000, av $1763

FLEECE traits and production data are rapidly growing the client base of Hynam Poll Merino stud at Longwood, where 44 of 48 rams sold to a high of $4000 at its fourth annual on-property auction on Wednesday.

But it was the sale average jump of $500, year-on-year, to $1763, which truly reflected the growing client support - just five years since the stud relocated from the Mallee.

Hynam Poll Merino stud principal Kevin Hynam said the stud's wool production had adapted to the higher rainfall region of north-central Victoria.

"We are also making some mileage when it comes to fat, muscle and growth," Mr Hynam said.

"We have been focusing on our breeding values, increasing our wool cut and doing ability here at Longwood, and we've made some good gains with the whiteness of the wool.

"All rams are non-mulesed and able to do a six-month shearing."

The stud's production qualities attracted the 25 successful bidders to the physical auction, including four virtual bidders through AuctionsPlus.

"We are really pleased with the increase in this year's sale and the amount of new, local buyers," he said.

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The top-priced ram was the second lot of the sale, at $4000, bought by new client, James Dunn, J & P Dunn, Creightons Creek, who selected the Ridgway Advance 170116 son for his depth of body and soft-handling SRS-style wool.

The 20-micron ram had a Dual Purpose Plus (DP+) index of 171.9, Merino Production Plus (MP+) index of 163, and fleece figures of comfort factor (CF) of 99.5 per cent, a standard deviation (SD) of 2.8 and coefficient variation (CV) of 13.9.

Mr Dunn said the ram's wool yield and quality would fit into an eight-month shearing schedule and contribute soft-handling wool to the flock.

Volume buyer at the sale was Gordon Addlem, Bathurst Downs, Serpentine, who purchased five rams for an average of $1680.

The draft put together by Mr Addlem were all heavy wool cutters, achieving yearling clean fleece weights of 27.5-39, and MP+ of 164.6-189.8.

The top performing ram for MP+, Lot 10, also fared in the breed's top 5pc for both Fibre Production + at 164.2 and Dual Purpose + at 192.3.

The 19.3-micron ram was an April 2020-drop son of Hynam 181101, and had a CF of 99.7pc, CV of 15.2 and SD of 2.9.

New client, David Freeman, Whiteheads Creek, was drawn to the data performance of the stud, as well as the plain-bodied type and wool crimp.

He snapped-up Lot 6, a high-performing son of Calcookara 170400, for $2400.

The 17.6-micron ram measured in the breed's top 10pc for FP+ at 163.42, MP+ of 177.67 and DP+ of 153.94.

The ram had fleece figures of 99.8pc CF, 2.8 SD and 15.6pc CV.

Other volume buyers included Milden Hall Farm, Serpentine, who purchased four rams, av $1500, and LH Siems, Euroa, three to av $1600, and Stevens Farming, Whiteheads Creek, three to av $1133.

Elders district wool manager Rex Bennett said the amount of new, local buyers was impressive.

"It was a very positive sale and great result with plenty of competition across the board on the rams," Mr Bennett said.


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