Mortlake cattle smash out strong result

Mortlake cattle prices exceed 830c/kg


Just when cattle prices appeared to have peaked, Mortlake's sale nudges the bar higher.


BUYERS from across three states competed strongly for a yarding of 4415 cattle at the Western Victoria Livestock Exchange's monthly store sale at Mortlake.

WVLX Agent's Association President president Matt Baxter said grown steers saw a number of feedlotters "get stuck into them", with most making around 580-600 cents a kilogram, or up to $3000 a head.

As the weights came down feedlotters with access to grass until Christmas competed with locals as well as SA, NSW and Gippsland buyers.

On the heifers the sale was extraordinary, with grown heifers attracting feedlotters as well as orders for heifers to "go back to the the bull".

One of the features of the sale was the offering of Angus/Limousin/Friesian-cross cows second to fourth-calvers, with six to eight-month-old Speckle Park calves at foot, forwarded by Tony and Angie Evans, Camperdown.

Eight made $4520 and the balance made $4000-$4320.

Account Wright sold seven Angus cows with third calves at foot for $4140.

Of the grown steers, Wannawong sold 22 Angus, 489 kilograms, for 578c/kg.

Baulch Ag sold 25 Angus and Black Baldy steers, 382kg, 16-18 months, for 598c/kg.

Prestonholme sold two pens of steers, 18 months, to 580c/kg for a pen of 20 at 503kg, and 578c/kg for 21 that weighed 549kg.

A draft of steers from Ellingerrin Pastoral, Inverleigh, saw a pen of 38 Black Baldy steers, 501kg, sell for 585c/kg.

A pen of 21 Angus steers from the same vendor at 504kg made 585c/kg.

Bligh Pastoral sold 17 steers, 406kg, that made 590c/kg.

Sam and Linda Robinson, Purnim, sold 49 steers, 18 months, 487kg, for 580c/kg.

Included in a draft from Didio Nominees was a pen of 22 Angus steers, 428kg, that made 588c/kg.

Eleven heifers from the same vendor, 361kg, made 588c/kg.

WA Doelle & Sons sold 25 Simmental steers, 16-17 months, 421kg, for 592c/kg.

The heifer portion comprised 30 that weighed 414kg and made 590c/kg.

Baanga Pty Ltd's draft of weaner steers saw two pens totaling 49 with an average weight of 245kg, making 754c/kg.

A pen of 24 weighing 278kg made 720c/kg.

Baanga also sold a pen of 17 by open auction that weighed 210kg and sold for $1750.

Kinross Farms sold weaner steers including a pen of 23 Angus at 470kg that made 586c/kg, and a second line of 21 at 426kg for 582c/kg.

Of the Kinross Farms' grown steers, a pen of 23 Angus, 491kg, made 575c/kg, and 26 Black Baldies that weighed 487kg and also made 575c/kg.

Fifteen Charolais-cross steers from the same vendor, 510kg, made 536c/kg.

Mt Mrytoon consigned a pen of 31 Angus steers at 224kg that made 790c/kg, and 22 at 196kg that made 760c/kg.

Waveney Angus sold a pen of 21 Angus steers, 289kg, for 690c/kg.

The heifer portion comprised a pen of 24 at 254kg that made 680c/kg.

Jamecca Plains Pastoral sold a pen of 25 weaner steers, 235kg, for 782c/kg, and a second pen of 17 at 206kg for 760c/kg.

A pen of 23 Angus steers by MJ & BJ Little, 340kg, made 715c/kg, while two pens totaling 45, 332kg, made the same money.

Barow Brothers sold 32 Angus and Black Baldy heifers, 297kg, for 612c/kg.

Jullundur Farms sold a pen of 17 Angus at 322kg for 663c/kg, and six heifers weighing 241kg made 640c/kg.

Ennerdale Herefords had 35 grown steers, 424kg, making 586c/kg, while 20 weaners, 349kg, made 632c/kg.

Twenty heifers, 354kg, made 558c/kg, and 17 at 282kg made 630c/kg.

Ken Hodge, Mortlake, sold 24 Hereford steers, July/August 2020-drop, 357kg, for 627c/kg.


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