Hannaton's best-ever sale hits a $9000 top

Hannaton's best-ever sale hits a $9000 top

TOP SALE: The Hannaton team with the top-priced Merino.

TOP SALE: The Hannaton team with the top-priced Merino.


Kaniva stud boosts fat, muscle figures for a top result.


*101 of 106 rams of rams to $9000, av $3037

Hannaton Poll Merinos and White Suffolk stud, Kaniva, has achieved its best sale ever, with a top price of $9000 and near-total clearance, says stud co-principal Jonno Hicks.

It was Hannaton's 37th annual on-property sale.

"We were thrilled with the result, it was fantastic really, best sale we have ever had," Mr Hicks said."

The stud had been concentrating on its "well-renowned wool cut and quality", while lifting other production traits.

"We have seen some fantastic results in wether lamb, off-shear and older ewe sales and even lifting lambing rates," Mr Hicks said.

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Mr Hicks said the stud had been pushing staple length, instead of skin density, for quite a while, to make an easier-care sheep.

"We have been pushing our eye muscle and fat, the average eye-muscle in the sale was +0.7 and the fat was +0.1, which is quite a shift from 10 years ago, when they were both fairly negative."

He said it was a balance that was performing well, commercially.

Hannaton had been using its own bloodlines, supplemented by Wallaloo Park, Glenlea Park, Pinaroo, SA, and Leahcim, Snowtown, SA to chase wool type and growth.

The top-priced animal, sired by an East Mundulla ram, had a 16.5 micron fleece, a standard deviation of three, a co-efficient of variation of 18.3 and a 51.2 millimetre curve.

The Poll ram had a post-weaning weight of 126 per cent, a greasy fleece weight of 129pc and a yearling weight of 84.5 kilograms.

He also had figures of a yearling eye-muscle depth of -0.25mm and a yearling fat depth of -0.95mm.

A charity sale ram raised $3100 for the Kaniva CFA.

Elders Horsham livestock agent Andrew Adamson said rams went to three states, including south-east South Australia, as well as locally.

"The rams looked in excellent condition and presented very well," Mr Adamson said.

"I think people are looking for positive fat and eye muscle, they are looking for carcase, as well as wool," he said.

'The sheep with the better ASBV figures for wool cut and fat attracted the best prices."

In the White Suffolks, Hannaton sold 37 of 52 rams to $3300, av $1543.


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