Yea light steers push past 800 cents a kilogram

Yea light steers push past 800 cents a kilogram


Yea light to medium store steer prices race away again.


Light steers at Yea pushed past the 800 cents a kilogram barrier, as producers continued to turn off last year's spring-drop weaners to cash in on red-hot prices.

Agents yarded 1375 head of cattle.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Yea auctioneer Tyson Bush said the sale "blew him away".

"This time of year, there are no flashly-bred cattle or runs, they were odds and sods and the price has pulled them out of the woodwork," Mr Bush said.

Prices were up, by average, $80-120 a head, on the previous sale.

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"A good day was had by all, I have been saying it for 12 months - it can't get any dearer but every month it gets dearer," he said.

"I don't know where it's going to end, this might be the new standard."

There were only eight to a dozen pens of cattle carrying any weight, with the bulk of the yarding between 300 and 400kg.

Steers sold to a high of $2750 a head, while heifers made to a top of $2150.

Prices for steers weighing between 400-500kg pushed from 500-550c/kg, with feedlots Australian Food & Agriculture, Conargo, NSW, Conroy Brothers, Garrison and Jalna taking much of the early offering.

Anything above 500kg ranged from 470c/kg to 480c/kg.

The 10-12 month old steers, 250-350kg, sold from anywhere between 550-860 cents a kilogram.

Commission buyer Duncan Brown also purchased stock for northern orders.

Restockers and fatteners from Euroa, Yea and Shepparton picked up some lighter steers, with Gippsland buyers noticeably absent.

Feedlots also bid on lighter heifers and females also went to South Australia.

Elders auctioneer Jamie Quinlan said heavier cattle were in line with other store sales.

"Lighter ones saw the biggest rise, they were the highlight of the day," Mr Quinlan said.

A lot of cattle weighing between 200-300kg were offered by producers, chasing high prices.

"They were the ones that saw the exorbitant cents a kilogram," he said.

As feedlots chased lighter cattle, that affected bullock and grass fatteners who then also had to pay more for the stock they wanted.

"It's a flow on effect, right from the top to those people buying those little 180kg steers for $1600 and $1700," he said.

"But records are made to be broken."

Sims Farming, Lockington, sold 26 Phoenix Park-blood steers, 214kg, for $1670 or 780c/kg and a further 24, averaging187kg, for 860c/kg.

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L&M McNamara sold 16 Angus steers, 225kg, for $1540 or 684c/kg.

Murrindindi Station, Murrindindi, sold Connamara-blood steers, 303kg, for $1980 or 653c/kg.

Farley Family Trust sold 24 Hazeldene-blood steers, 355kg, for $2140 or 602c/kg.

Kambara, Sunzest, sold 21 steers, 335kg, for $2070 or 618c/kg.

Mount Erica sold 18 Wattletop-blood steers, 322kg, for $1950 or 605c/kg.

A second pen of 22, averaging 288kg, sold for $1790 or 621c/kg.

CE Thomson sold 10 Hereford steers, 453kg, for $2380 or 525c/kg.

Kev Ryan, Darraweit Guim, sold 20 Adameluca-blood steers, 315kg, for $2000 or 634c/kg.

His pen of 23 steers, 277kg, sold for $1950 or 707c/kg.

Howes Creek Hills sold six Days and Mawarra-blood steers, 221kg, for $1720 or 778c/kg.

Northwood farm sold 11 Angus/Charolais-cross steers, Chenu-blood, 282kg, for $1750 or 620c/kg.

Cloverly Pastoral sold 15 Te Mania-blood steers, 321kg, for $1960 or 610c/kg.

Tim Izatt sold 13 Te Mania-blood steers, 282kg, for $1920 or 680c/kg.

His pen of 13 steers, 225kg, sold for $1740 or 617c/kg.

B Cummins sold 10 Barragunda-blood steers, 345kg, for $1900 or 551c/kg.

A pen of 19 steers, 208kg, sold for $1610 or 774c/kg.

Engi Partnership, Raywood, sold 14 Merribrook-blood steers, 410kg, for $2210 or 539c/kg.

Strath Rural sold nine Connamara-blood steers, 441kg, for $2370 or 537c/kg.

KG and KR Kelly, Kyneton sold 15 Weemalah-blood steers, March/April 2020-drop, 457kg, for $2500 or 547c/kg.

Schiavello, Molesworth, sold 14 Kelly-blood steers, 285kg, for $1860 or 653c/kg.

S Larner sold 12 Lawsons-blood steers, 548kg, for $2600 or 474c/kg.

R&L Stewart, Romsey, sold 11 Limousin steers, 266kg, for $1620 or 609c/kg.

Nedna, Swan Hill, sold seven pure Speckle Park steers, 10 months, 402kg, for $2040 or 507c/kg.

TM & TA Murphy sold 16 Newcomen-blood steers, 428kg and 475kg, for $2100.

Gemfield View, Ancona, sold 16 Angus steers, 512kg, for $2750 or 537c/kg.

Little Rock Ranch sold four Angus heifers, 190kg, for $1060 or 557c/kg.

F&T O'Connor, Mangalore, sold five 12-14 month heifers, 402kg, for $2080 or 517c/kg.

Engi sold 15 heifers, 377kg, for $1950 or 517c/kg.

The Lily Pastoral, Yarck, sold 20 Cluden Newry and Tamaroo-blood heifers, 388kg, for $2090 or 647c/kg.

GE Campbell, Murramong Charolais, sold 17 Tambo River-blood heifers, 323kg, for $1860 or 575c/kg.

Nedna sold 10 heifers, 365kg, for $2030 or 556c/kg.

Morningside Pastoral, Wharing, sold 22 Yancowinna-blood heifers, 353kg, for $2150 or 609c/kg.

G&K Woodburn, Romsey, sold six Coolana-blood steers, 221kg, for $1610 or 728c/kg.

Mount Edgar Pastoral sold 16 Anvil-blood heifers, 334kg,for $1950 or 583c/kg.

Lochlan Downs, Bylands, sold 12 heifers, 289kg, for $1730 or 599c/kg.

Murrindindi's 24 heifers, 257kg, sold for $1640 or 638c/kg.

Sacul Investments sold 11 Hereford heifers, 183kg, for $1460 or 797c/kg.

D Lisle, Pyalong sold nine x nine Angus cows with calves-at-foot, re-depastured to an Adameluca bull, for $3340.

The Rees-Miller Estate sold 20 x 20 cows and calves for $2600.

Howes Creek Hill sold six pregnancy-tested-in-calf Allendale and Days-blood cows for $2500.


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