Bairnsdale prices fully firm in smaller yarding

Bairnsdale cattle sell fully firm in fortnightly store sale

FULLY FIRM: Agents said the lockdown restrictions had no impact on the prices. (File photo)

FULLY FIRM: Agents said the lockdown restrictions had no impact on the prices. (File photo)


The lockdown restrictions had no impact on prices.


Local agents said the fortnightly store sale at Bairnsdale saw a smaller yarding but prices were fully firm, with quality cattle slightly dearer than a fortnight ago.

Agents yarded about 540 head at the East Gippsland Livestock Exchange.

Nutrien East Gippsland livestock manager Brad Obst said the well-bred, smaller cattle sold even better than the last sale.

He said the good prices were again off the back of strong fat markets.

"It's just a typical winter yarding in Bairnsdale - a smaller yarding of cattle - but still there was some very good lighter-weight, well bred cattle on offer," he said.

The coronavirus lockdown did not affect the sale, he said.

Meat & Livestock Australia's market report noted the top of the weaner steers, eight Herefords weighing 406kg, made $2010 a head or 495 cents a kilogram, while the top yearling steers were five European crosses, 582kg, for $2450 or 421c/kg.

Elders Bairnsdale auctioneer Morgan Davies said lightweight cattle sold well above 600c/kg.

"Everything was fully firm and probably showed a dearer trend," he said.

"There was definitely less people but the prices weren't an issue."

Kent Park sold a pen of 21 Hereford steers, 315kg, for $1800 or 571c/kg, and a pen of 18, 278kg, for $1760 or 633c/kg.

M Coleman sold a pen of nine Angus, 315kg, for $1790 or 568c/kg and seven weighing 277kg for $1690 or 610c/kg.

JC & LM White sold six Charolais cross steers, 382kg, for $1810 or 473c/kg, a pen of 16, 362kg, for $1830 or 505c/kg, and 16, 326kg, for $1740 or 533c/kg.

RJ & PA Carey sold nine Limousin steers, 299kg, for $1560 or 521c/kg.

PJ & P Neven sold a pen of 13 steers, 409kg, for $2010 or 491c/kg.

BJ & JB Carrol sold five Hereford steers, 322kg, for $1710 or 531c/kg, while BK Sievers sold a pen of nine Black Baldy steers, 264kg, for $1690 or 640c/kg.

Sharp Fullgrabe & Co auctioneer Brent Coster agreed the sale was very strong.

A pen of Angus steers weighing 211kg reached $1540 or 730c/kg while heifers of a similar weight made up to 650c/kg, he said.

"It was very, very good for those smaller cattle," he said.

"We had some steers that were 580kg making 420c/kg.

"We had very little heifers here but what was here made very good money."

P Kite sold a pen of six heifers, 286kg, for $1580 or 552c/kg, while D & A Cleave sold seven, 268kg, for $1540 or 574c/kg.

M Coleman sold six heifers, 261kg, for $1440 or 551c/kg, while BJ & JB Carrol sold five Hereford heifers, 316kg, for $1550 or 490c/kg.

BK Sievers sold nine Limousin heifers, 259kg, for $1450 or 560c/kg and another nine, 233kg, for $1390 or 596c/kg.

RJ & PA Carey sold 11 Limousin heifers, 271kg, for $1430 or 527c/kg.

Penderscourt sold 10 cows and calves made $3860.

Mr Coster said there was local and South Gippsland competition, while Garrison feedlot was also strong for the heavier cattle.

He said the season so far would pretty well guarantee a reasonable spring and producers were looking for stock.

"There's not that many numbers about," he said.

"There's a lot of confidence at the moment with the kill prices - you're getting up over eight bucks for your kill cattle."


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