Wodonga Angus steers to $2340

Wodonga Angus steers to $2340

Craig and Harry Schubert, Schubert Boers with a pen of six Hereford steers, 461kg, from J and WJ Carmody, which sold for $2100. Photo: NVLX

Craig and Harry Schubert, Schubert Boers with a pen of six Hereford steers, 461kg, from J and WJ Carmody, which sold for $2100. Photo: NVLX


Steers soar past $2000 in "extremely dear" Wodonga store sale.


The market stepped up once again at the Wodonga store sale on Thursday, with a smaller yarding of close to 1000 head of cattle making up to $2340 for steers.

Schubert Boers director Craig Schubert descried the market as "extremely dear."

"It's every bit as strong (as the last store sale) and was showing a dearer trend among most categories, every sale you go to now is setting new benchmarks," Mr Schubert said.

"It was a pretty handy yarding (quality wise) for this time of year.

"I don't think you could say one category was a stand out, I think it's just across the board general buoyancy in the market at the moment, very, very solid."

There were only two pens of cows and calves which sold to a top pf $2800 and just four pens of pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers, which sold for a top of $2425.

"You're not seeing any numbers of cows and calves or joined cows coming forward, that's been a trend for a while," Mr Schubert said.


Steers weighing over 400kg sold from $1740 to $2340, with numerous pens reaching the $2000 a head mark. The top price was $2340 paid for five Angus steers weighing 498kg from N and A Crowe Investments.

Red Box Pastoral Co sold a large run of 41 Hereford steers, weighing 440kg, for $2235. While, LR Edney, Leneva, Vic sold 10 Angus steers, 389kg, for $2120 or 545 cents a kilogram.

The next weight category of steers, weighing 330kg to 400kg sold from $1660 to $2120. James Smith, Staghorn Flat, Vic sold 21 Angus steers, 378kg for $2040, 540c/kg.

ID and DM McGaffin offered 19 Simmental cross steers, 330kg, which sold for $1990 to make 603c/kg. The same vendor sold a second pen of 18 Simmental cross steers, 275kg, for $1790, 651c/kg.

Most steers weighing under 330kg and above 280kg sold from $1680 to $1925. It was Arminda Partnership, Eskdale, Vic who sold 19 Angus steers, 326kg, for $1925, or 590c/kg.

Most steers weighing between 200kg and 280kg went under the hammer from $1460 to $1860 - the top price paid for 21 Hereford steers, 278kg, from DH, LC and Son Cameron, Bowna, returning 669c/kg.

There were too few heifers to quote weighing more than 400kg, while heifers weighing from 330kg to 400kg sold from $1650 to $1910 - the top price paid for 10 Hereford heifers, 391kg, from Leslie Farms.

Most heifers weighing 280kg to 330kg sold from $1560 to $1710, while heifers weighing under 280kg made from $1230 to $1630.

ID and DM McGaffin offered 28 Simmental cross heifers, weighing an average 304kg, which sold for $1715, 564c/kg.

P and C Klippel, Berringama, Vic sold 24 Angus heifers, 10 to 11 months, 295kg and Alpine Angus blood for $1665 or 564c/kg.

Mr Schubert said the wet season was impacting the motivation of people to bring stock forward and handle cattle. However, he thought the prices would continue to draw them out in the weeks to come.

"Everything's water-logged now and there's more rain to come, it's looking good for the spring time."

It was mostly local competition who operated at the sale, along with the usual commission buyers.

The sale was conducted by independent Albury and Wodonga based agents BUR, Corcoran Parker, Schubert Boers and Peter Ruaro Livestock.

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