Feedlots dominate at Pakenham

Feedlots dominate at Pakenham


Pakenham steer tops sell for another 10-15 cents a kilogram.


Feedlots dominated the fortnightly Pakenham store cattle sale, bidding on a surge in heavier steers.

Nutrien Ag Solutions auctioneer Andy Grant said it was a solid quality yarding, including a lot of grown cattle, which brought "enormous money".

"They are not jumping up $40 or $50 they are jumping up $100 a head," Mr Grant said.

"The feedlots belted everybody else out of the park.

"There were an enormous amount of cattle around that 500 kilograms; they would be Christmas bullocks, but we've already sold them, so they are gone."

He said it wasn't all plain sailing.

"In cattle that didn't suit the feedlotters, there was a bit of fluctuation in prices," Mr Grant said.

Alex Scott and Staff auctioneer David Setches said steers weighing from 550-630 kilograms were very firm on the previous sale.

"The Eddington calves, 396-420kg, were the shining light," Mr Setches said.

"They were nearly 600 cents a kilogram - we thought we had seen the top of it last sale, but they have just gone up another 15-20c/kg."

Feedlots and commission buyer Campbell Ross and Westside's Anthony Hullick joined Jalna, Gathercole, Teys Charlton and Hopkins River in picking up a significant portion of the cattle on offer.

Agents yarded 2147 head of steers and heifers and 39 x 39 cows and calves.

Mr Setches said even the last drafts of 'properly-bred' cattle made "firm rates".

"We thought we'd found the gold at the end of the rainbow last sale," he said.

Heifers were in short supply and prices exceeded expectations.

"There were some light weight heifers, which had frame, but that didn't seem to worry buyers," he said.

Moon Hill Pastoral, Neerim East, sold 21 steers, 631kg, for $2670 or 423c/kg.

P Girling, Narre Warren north, sold 12 steers, 565kg, for $2600 or 460c/kg

B&A Malacorne, Yarragon, sold 14 steers, 467kg, for $2330 or 498c/kg.

R & P Wuchatsch, Nar Nar Goon sold nine Banquet-blood steers, 438kg, for $2370 or 541c/kg.

Their 19 seconds, 393kg, sold for $2200 or 560c/kg.

Eddington Holdings sold 16 Welcome Swallow, Banquet and Lawson-blood steers, 409kg, for $2390 or 584c/kg.

Their pen of 20 steers, 396kg, sold for $2290 or 578c/kg.

P. Hughes, Tonimbuk Investments, Tonimbuk sold 18 Glendan Park steers, 490kg, for $2750 or 561c/kg.

Wiltshaw Engineering Services, Ventnor, sold 10 Te Mania-blood steers, 341kg, for $1910 or 560c/kg.

Their pen of 12, averaging 289kg, sold for $1730 or 599c/kg.

B Waterfall, Lang Lang, sold 12 steers, 589kg, for $2600 or 441c/kg.

Aquila Fields, Neerim South, sold 14 steers, 734kg, for $3000 or 408c/kg.

Their second pen of 12, averaging 624kg, sold for $2780 or 445c/kg.

R & M Gill, Yea sold 19 Te Mania-blood steers, 613kg, for $2700 or 446c/kg.

Elders Pakenham auctioneer Michael Robertson said the agent offered about 30 pens all weighing more than 400kg.

"They would have to have two or three legs missing to really get low (in weight) - and with that you can times the price by four and a half," Mr Robertson said.

"It was feedlot driven, there is no grazier who could get into today's market.

"People want to brave the winter and get their heavy steers through to bullocks in the spring, but the price drags them out.

"If you get this money for heavy steers, why keep them as bullocks?"

AM & PE Laidlaw, Camilee, Tanjil South, sold a large draft of Stoneypoint, Millah Murrah and Te Mania-blood steers.

Their first pen of 21, averaging 597kg, sold for $2820 or 472c/kg.

Their seconds, 24, averaging 533kg, sold for $2790 or 523c/kg, while a pen of 20 lighter steers, 467kg, sold for $2620 or 561c/kg.

Brompton Propertries, Balnarring, sold 16 steers, 756kg, for $2740 or 389c/kg.

National Pacific, Clyde, sold 20 steers, 623kg, for $2480 or 398c/kg.

P Barlee, Cardinia, sold 13 steers, 650kg, for $2770 or 426c/kg.

J&K Canavan sold 12 steers, 627kg, for $2690 or 429c/kg.

CSH Farm, Nilma, sold 19 steers, 522kg, for $2770 or 530c/kg.

Whispering Pines, Clyde, sold 24 Angus steers, 406kg, for $2300 or 566c/kg.

Their pen of 19 Paringa-blood pure Charolais steers, 397kg, sold for $2100 or 528c/kg.

Whispering Pines 10 heifers, 387kg, sold for $2050 or 530c/kg.

JJ, M & R Hamilton, Mountain View, sold 14 heifers, 439kg, for $1860 or 423c/kg.

Carrington Park sold 10 Angus heifers, 466kg, for $2080 or 446c/kg.

D Kroger sold 19 Angus heifers, 284kg, for $1610 or 566c/kg.

I,A & P P/L sold 16 heifers, 278kg, for $1630 or 586c/kg.


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