Kyneton quality sells well

Kyneton to $2320 for heavy steers

BIG LINE: Anthony Battersby again sold at Kyneton, this time a draft of pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers. File photo.

BIG LINE: Anthony Battersby again sold at Kyneton, this time a draft of pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers. File photo.


PTIC heifers sell to $3000 at Kyneton.


Quality was maintained at Kyneton's June store cattle sale, with local producers supplementary feeding stock as they seek to capitalise on continuing high prices.

McGrath Rodwell principal Kieran McGrath said agents yarded 590 head of cattle.

"It was a very, very successful sale, with older steers making from $2180 to $2320.

"Our true steer weaners sold to a top of $1900."

Un-joined heifers sold from $1000-2000.

McGraths had a feature line of 80 PTIC Angus/Hereford-cross heifers from Anthony Battersby.

"They sold to very spirited competition to a top of $3000 and averaged $2532," Mr McGrath said.

Mr Battersby, Woodlands, sold Adameluca and Coolana-blood heifers, rising two years old and depastured to a low-birthweight Barwidgee-blood bull for eight weeks, for $2400-$3000.

The top line went to a buyer from the north of Bendigo, with other pens going to the Camperdown area and staying locally.

Granite View sold 25 Angus heifers, rising two-year-old and PTIC to a Gairnsheil-blood roan Shorthorn bull, to calve in late spring, for between $2220-$2500.

They went to the Camperdown buyer.

"We had buyers from Bendigo, Ballarat, the Goulburn Valley, Camperdown, Yea, Shepparton a major local feedlot and locals," Mr McGrath said.

"They are very there were a few wintery type cattle in it and the lead drafts of all the cattle presented very, very well and sold accordingly.

"I thought it was up there with the other sales."

H.G.Barton, Brooklyn, sold 30 Angus and Angus/Shorthorn-cross steers, ranging from 315-345kg, for $1630-$1690.

They went to Goulburn Valley Water.

The Active Corp, Glendene, sold nine spring 2020-drop Adameluca-blood steers, 377kg, for $1900 or 503c/kg and 12 heifers, 345kg, for $1600 or 463c/kg.

Dean Coxon, Elders Kyneton, said it was equally strong as the May sale.

"We didn't have the lines of cattle we did last time but they certainly made up to the rates of last sale," Mr Coxon said.

"I would say backgrounders stepped in and bought a lot of the weaner cattle with a view that this feedlot job is going to hold up, well into the spring."

Although smaller lines were offered, the quality of the cattle was quite good.

"I put it down to a good spring, last year, but with cattle worth what they are, people are feeding them," he said

"Cattle are not sitting out in the paddocks, having to do it all themselves - people are feeding them, and doing a good job."

K&L Travis, Calderwood, Sunbury, sold 10 Angus steer weaners, 254kg, for $1470 or 587c/kg.

A Brady, Redesdale, sold 12 Shorthorn steers for $1510.

Michelle Dobie sold nine Angus steers, 446kg, for $2180, or 489c/kg.

KM and Keogh, Castlemaine, sold 10 Murray Grey spring-drop weaners, 349kg, for $1740 or 498c/kg.

A Brady sold 12 Shorthorn/Angus-cross steers for $1510.

Lambourne sold seven Barwidgee-blood Angus steers, 345kg, for $1810 or 525c/kg.

They sold eight heifers, 294kg, for $1550 or 527c/kg.

Water Martin sold six Angus steers, 539kg, for $2400, 539kg, or 445c/kg.

T. Cameron sold nine Angus steers, 422kg, for $2090, or 495c/kg.

J. Attwood sold six Angus and Black Baldy steers, 491kg, for $2380 or 485c/kg.

M.M. Davis sold three Angus heifers, $1490, 298kg, or 500c/kg.

John Cameron sold seven Angus steers, 284kg, $1610, or 567c/kg and four Angus heifers, 275kg, for $1380 or 501c/kg.

Neville Crozier sold 14 Angus heifers, 373kg for $1750 or 469c/kg.

Penmore sold 11 Angus heifers, 349kg, for $1720 or 492c/kg and seven steers, 279kg, for 584c/kg.


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