Light steers pass 700 cents a kilogram at Yea

Teys makes its present felt at Yea


Teys, Charlton, descends on Yea store cattle sale.


Teys, Charlton, has put a floor in the monthly Yea store sale, with one agent estimating they bought most of the cattle weighing more than 350 kilograms.

Agents yarded 1631 head of cattle.

Elders Yea livestock manager Jamie Quinlan said there was a "short and sweet" run of genuine 400-500kg feeder cattle, which sold very well.

"They were 450-465 cents a kilogram for the coloreds and 465-490c/kg for the blacks," Mr Quinlan.

The next run of steers ranged from 530-650kg, with the heaviest making to 430-435c/kg and the 530-540kg steers fetching 550c/kg.

He said the black weaners, weighing between 270-340kg, were in line with other markets and made betwen $1660 and $1840, or up to 600c/kg.

Teys, Conroy Brothers and Garrison were among the feedlots who had a significant buying presence, with commission buyers Andrew Lowe, Duncan Brown and Campbell Ross also active.

A small number of pens went to the Shepparton area and into the north.

AJF Brien & Sons, Coonamble, NSW, also bought several pens of mid-weight steers.

"I don't think I have ever seen Teys buy at Yea, they turned up and would have bought 95 per cent of the cattle, weighing more than 350kg," Mr Quinlan said.

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Gene Murray sold 15 Angus steers, 654kg, for $2820 or 431c/kg.

Malia Builders sold 34 Angus steers, 533kg, for $2490, or 467c/kg.

Lindsay Park Racing sold 18 Angus steers, 492kg, for $2370 or 481c/kg.

P Moran sold six Charolais steers, 486kg, for $2220 or 456c/kg.

Crystal Brook sold 19 Injemira-blood steers, 164kg, for $1100 or 670c/kg.

They sold 17 steers, 233kg, for $1420 or 609c/kg.

Homedonnell Farming sold 19 Hereford steers, 164kg, for $1100 or 670c/kg.

P Marzorini sold nine steers, 171kg, for $1190, or 695c/kg.

Timarleedo, Alexandra, sold nine steers, 284kg, for $1520 or 535c/kg.

Valley View sold nine Merridale-blood steers, 307kg, for $1680 or 547c/kg.

Stevenage Investments sold five vealers, 296kg, for $1640 or 554c/kg.

Kopanica Pastoral sold 21 Conamarra-blood steers, 217kg, for $1480 or 682c/kg.

J Hammond sold five Murray Grey steers, 291kg, for $1500 or 515c/kg.

EJ Webb, Caveat, sold eight Poll Hereford steers, 243kg, for $1400 or 576c/kg.

HS Cooper sold 10 Charolais steers, 238kg, for $1410 or 596c/kg.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Tyson Bush said it was a very strong market.

"Teys put another floor in the market," Mr Bush said.

"It's a short week and they are probably not going to get a lot of cattle out of their Monday markets - they were active in Euroa, last week, so they may be trying to ramp up a bit."

"The heifer job was a little bit dearer again.

"Most of the quality was good but the tail end wasn't so good, breeding and season wise."

Rubicon Pastoral sold 12 Anvil-blood steers, 224kg, for $1620 or 723c/kg.

Garside Pastoral, Chintin, sold five steers, 232kg, for $1370 or 590c/kg.

CK and ML Oliver sold 24 Connamara-blood steers, August/September 2020-drop, 345kg, for $1850 or 536c/kg.

Mount Erica sold 28 Fernleigh-blood steers, 277kg, for $1620 or 584c/kg.

G Sheehan sold 18 steers, 346kg, for $1880 or 543c/kg.

Limestone Pastoral sold seven Lawson-blood steers, 323kg, for $1670 or 517c/kg.

EJ Hurst sold six Falls View Angus/Charolais-cross heifers, 409kg, for $1890 or 413c/kg.

Springbank, Narbethong sold 15 Anvil-Pathfinder-blood heifers, 435kg, for $2070 or 475c/kg.

Kouren Properties sold nine Angus heifers, 142kg, for $720 or 507c/kg.

RC McLeish, Yea, sold 10 heifers, 274kg, for $1290 or 470c/kg.

HS Cooper sold 10 Angus heifers, 239kg, for $1200 or 502c/kg.

A&S Qose Farming sold 25 Angus heifers, 222kg, for $1190 or 536c/kg.

P McVeigh sold 10 Hereford heifers, 380kg, for $1730 or 455c/kg.

David Welton sold five by five Angus cows and calves for $3075.


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