Wild weather lashes Victoria, causing floods and damage

Wild weather lashes Victoria, causing floods and damage


Parts of Gippsland have seen extreme weather over the past 24 hours.


Parts of Gippsland have seen extreme weather over the past 24 hours, with severe flooding and isolated falls of more than 270 millimetres recorded.

And the wild weather hasn't been exclusive to Gippsland, with the majority of the state experiencing high rainfall and gusty winds overnight and this morning.

Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Phoebe De Wilt said the extreme rain in West and South Gippsland has caused severe flooding, with parts of the regions on high alert.

"Generally, across West and South Gippsland, we have seen 50-150mm, but we have seen up to 270 or 280mm [in other parts]," Ms De Wilt said.

"Flooding is the focus for today, so there is significant flooding for five catchment areas across Gippsland, in particularly Traralgon Creek.

"It is nearing its peak, but it is higher than the June 2012 flood event, so that's a particularly significant flooding event."

During the 2012 flooding event, Gippsland received an equivalent of one month's rainfall - or 200mm - in one day.

BoM duty forecaster Miriam Bradbury said major flood warnings were set for areas of Gippsland, and even though the rain was set to slow down, it wouldn't mean the risk was over.

"I think the thing to be mindful of in this case is that the rivers do continue to respond to rainfall even after the rain has eased off, so it is possible that we will see a possible escalation," Ms Bradbury said.

"So the highest rainfall totals in the 24 hours to 9am this morning were Mount Baw Baw, they received 278mm, and that was closely followed by Mount Tassie at 267mm.

"Other parts of the state including the Melbourne area did see some decent falls, but those extreme rainfall totals were in that West and South Gippsland area."

For the rest of Victoria, rainfall and heavy winds are set to ease across the course of the day with the gusty winds expected to drop back by mid to late afternoon.

Most parts of the state are expected to receive very minimal rainfall over the weekend with very isolated showers predicted in southern parts of Victoria.

Unfortunately, northern parts of Victoria still didn't receive the rain they desperately needed.

Ms Bradbury said northern Victoria saw much less rainfall than other parts of the state and that wasn't expected to change in coming days.

"Unfortunately, the north-west of the state saw much lower rainfall totals, we have had some reasonable totals around the Grampians and elevated areas," she said.

"But lower lying parts [of northern Victoria] did not see very much, sort of 1-5mm at best."


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